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Your Simple Dashboard
The core component of our years in development is to focus on your success. This has been defined by us as “how easy is it for agents to use”. Your new real estate dashboard is on the cutting edge of understanding what it takes for you to quickly customize, launch, and get results. Take if or a FREE test drive right now.
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Edit: Your Profile
When a new lead reaches out to you, your lead will always go to you and ONLY you. Unlike other third party real estate marketplaces, we will never resell your leads to your competitors. Your Listings = Your Leads.
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Edit: Property Websites
If it’s not easy to edit, it might as well be useless. Wishin about 3 minutes you can have your FREE Digital Business Card created and ready to use. It instantly comes with a QR code ready to share, custom links to what’s most important to you and social media links to show off your other wonderful lifestyle and results.
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Edit: Social Blog Posts
Creating a blog post is a powerful addition to any website or business. Featuring your favorite topics, sending updates about your business or dropping new knowledge to your contacts should be fun, easy and influential. Not only can you add a blog post to your Authorized website, know that your posts are heavily designed with SEO (search engine optimization) and syndication to the full Authorized network. Cheers to happy blogging!
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Edit: Your New Website
Building a good looking and great functioning website is a daunting task. That’s why we have automated 90% of this process so you can focus on simply adding who you are and what you offer. Within 30 minutes to 1 hour you can an incredibly beautiful website that you are confident to share with everyone.
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Whitelabeling Available
For any real estate business that is wanting to grow, adding on free tools with custom branding is must. We understand this thoroughly and want to help you succeed in your real estate business. From broker to photographers, we are set up and ready to add on the hottest new tool in the industry to your business!
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