Stay Updated With All The Changes To Your Authorized System


Testimonial Slider Added To Pages

Now you can display your testimonials in more places on your website with the new cleanly design testimonial slider. This testimonial slider will display your first 4 testimonials on multiple pages.

August 23, 2020
Property Page Now Has A 'Minimal' Design Option

Don't have a lot of assets for a property, no problem! Instead of having to provide all property assets including video, tour, image gallery, description, etc... Now you can easily add a property page to your properties portfolio with only 3 pictures and the property specs. This is great for investment houses, quick listing, past properties and more.

Add Your Instagram Feed To Your User Profile

You can now have your instagram feed showing on your user profile. This way, as you post to your instagram profile it will also show on your Authorized user profile.

Additional Dashboard Tools Have Been Updated

The tools in your dashboard have been updated. Each tool has a landing page where you can learn more about the tool by watching a video, viewing images and reading about how this tool can help grow your business. Check out the tools as some offer free trials, promotions and other discounts exclusive to you for being an Authorized customer.

System Updates Added To User Dashboard

You will now see all of the Authorized system updates inside your dashboard. These updates are located on the dashboard home page just below the quick launch buttons. Updates often come out daily or weekly so be sure to check back often for new features.

Dashboard Homepage Has Updated Quick Launch Buttons

You will now see a description and link to each page of your dashoboard. Here you will find your properties with all assets, your videos with links to each video's landing page, a library of training videos and a link to a page full of other tools that you can use to help grow your business.

Blog Post Header Fades Out When Scrolling Down The Page

For a fun and professional added element to your blog the title text and dark background fade out as the use scrolls down the page. Animations like this just make for a funner user experience and little elements like this add up to an overall extended time that a user stays on your site and learns about you being the authority in your industry.

Animated Scroll Progress Bar Added To Blog Posts

Now when a user scrolls to read your blog they will see how much more is left to read with this animated progress bar that increases size while the page is being scrolled. Not only is it a fun visual feature, it will help to keep readers on your site longer knowing how much more there is to read in that post.

Splash Page Created That Connects To User Custom Domain

Now you can have a custom splash page with video background! This also connects directly to your domain name so the files are live on your domain so you look perfect in all browsers on any device. This is huge because not only do you have your own website with your domain, you are connecting and leveraging the full authorized system behind your website.

Property MLS Page Complete

For each individual property webpage created there will now include a MLS compliant webpage. This MLS compliant webpage will include the same assets as the original property page but will not have any branding or CTA buttons. This way you can feature this page as your "virtual tour" inside the MLS listing post.