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Our “Authorized” mission is to develop state of the art online tools that authentically showcase brands and individual professionals in a unique way that empowers, creates, and establishes confidence in our customers as market leaders through an impressive online presence.

Gabe Gunlock
CEO & Co-Founder
Hello, I'm Gabe Gunlock. I've been working in marketing, entertainment & real estate for over 20 years. Starting my (unknown at the time) career in my late teens as an audio engineer, I quickly graduated into the production of audio, video, graphics, print, web & software. My main passion is the Art Of Business. I enjoy building teams of professional people & products that create positive lasting  experiences.
Patrick Szydlik

Patrick Szydlik is a life long entreprenuer that has specialized in Real Estate marketing for the past 5 years. As a cofounder and CEO of Film360 he has helped to market and sell over 2 billion dollars of real estate in the last 5 years. Patrick (better known online as @real_estate_pat) is a marketing and real estate leader that has a passion for helping others reach their potential as well as their real estate goals.

Jeromé Cooper
Jeromé is the Founder of Dollhouse Development and helps oversee the company's core values. He works at the real estate investment and redevelopment company headquartered in San Diego, CA. He is in expert with complex real estate situations and actively helps supporting the local community helping solve real estate needs. He is also very experienced with real estate data and major real estate platforms used by thousands of professionals in the industry.

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