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Digital Business Card
Your Digital Business Card is the hottest, most modern networking tool on the market. Show others your QR code, let them instantly scan it, and without a touch all your contact info and best links are shown on their phone. Tell them to 1 click, text you, and watch the magic happen!
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Personal Website
Your new real estate website is ready in minutes. This means that you will have specific links to share for buyers, sellers, investors, or whoever your clientele is. A website is meant to feature you and that is exactly what we have focused on! Agents sell properties, websites sell agents.
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Property Websites
You are showcasing this property online at it's highest level by using an individual property website. Your property website features all the assets about the house including videos, 360 virtual tours, image gallery and more. Show your sellers how you professionally market their house.
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Property Postcards
As soon as you add a property to your account, not only are you creating a property website, but you are also creating a property postcard. Instantly, your property postcard design is ready for your quick customization. Choose your favorite picture, property status, and quantity... that's it! Your property postcards are ready to send. Plus, the QR codes that link to your property website are automatically added to the design. Feel the power!
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Video Marketing
Your "Videos" page is unlike your YouTube channel or any other social media platform as it only hosts your content with your chosen message. As visitors arrive on your "Videos" page they can quickly learn about you, your business, your solution, and of course whatever you want to accomplish in your videos. Don't let your customers be distracted by other videos that are not about you and your message.
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Property Media
Showcase your property with HD photos, videos, and virtual tours of the interior and exterior! Highlight property features and show the full potential that the property offers. Each property photoshoot includes, color correction, is cropped to the same size, saved for print and web, and is added to a property website.
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Business Cards
Sleek, stylish, and top-quality business cards are the ideal tool for the enthusiastic networker. Attract potential clients and grow brand recognition with beautiful, professional business cards. As soon as you log in to your account you'll notice your business card designs are ready. Choose your favorite and place your order in moments!
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Phone Lockscreen
A phone lockscreen, really?? Yep! We created a fun tool where you can quickly create a customized phone lockscreen that will automatically create and include a QR code that links to your Digital Business Card. Along with the QR code is your logo which you can choose to show or hide. As well, your brand colors are available with a click. The best part, if you choose, is adding a custom background picture!
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"Working with Authorized makes me feel relaxed knowing that my marketing is handled. I've been so impressed with their team and technology. They keep pushing making it better and better. I couldn't be happier or recommend this company higher to anyone that's in real estate."

Jim McInerney

Compass Realty Agent

"As a growing brokerage and top team in San Diego I am always looking to provide my agents and our customers with the best tools. So when it comes to media for myself, my agents and our customers, we rely on Authorized to provide top quality cutting edge solutions. They deliver!"

Zandra Ulloa

Active Realty / Team Z Broker

"I work with Authorized because I fill out 1 simple form I'm able to receive everything I need for my property marketing including my photos, videos, 360 tours and of course the single property website. They are my one stop shop that has absolutely created more business for my team and me."

Tim Diamond

Compass Realty Agent

"Over the past 4 years I've launched every listing on my Authorized website because they get it done right. They always bring me the full property marketing system. From top quality media and websites, to customer service... Authorized is the easy button for making me and my properties shine."

Hank Gunlock

Gunlock Realty Group Broker

"The team at Authorized has been very supportive as I've grown my personal real estate business and launched my new brokerage. As I continue to work with new agents they are there for me to help with web solutions for me and my growing team. Their websites are top quality and so easy."

Laura Andert

10 Point 0 LUXRE Broker

"I met with Authorized and was blown away by the package that they presented to me. They not only offered a solution for me, they also had marketing solutions for my entire team. It's just so simple having all of my property media assets on one single page that is automatically listed on my website."

Mike Aon

The Aon Group Broker

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