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Welcome to the Referral Accelerator Mastery Program, R.A.M.P. This program is designed for the client-centric realtor who is serious about becoming referral only rapidly. This is not your typical “just ask more” coaching approach to referrals.

Not only is it important to understand the psychology behind the modern referral if you want to be successful, but it is vital to build a consistent scaleable “perfect process” that allows you to take complete control of your database and build a perpetual growth machine with it.

Over 75% of all real estate transactions still originate from referrals and repeat business. So why then do we focus so much attention on cold leads and drag our feet on truly learning and developing our referral strategies? Imagine a business where the majority of your marketing dollars went straight into your bank account or was re-invested into your best resource…your database. Hundreds of transactions are happening each year in your database that you are missing out on if you don’t have a process in place. Most realtors work so hard to get every client into the door, just to miss out on all of these opportunities.

Chad Durfee
Owner & Founder
With my background in behavioral and social psychology, combined with advanced degrees and over 15 years of sales experience, I have been coaching, consulting and leading in the sales and service industry. I am an expert in organic lead generation, business development and team building.
I am the creator of the Referral Accelerator Mastery Program (R.A.M.P.), which is a highly sought after coaching program that supports Realtors, Loan Officers, Wealth Advisers, Business & Life Coaches/Consultants and other high commission business professionals to turn the fundamentals of referral psychology into a scalable “perfect process” that will triple their income. With this system in place, they are positioned to lead their industry with the ability to optimize their database for referrals & retention while creating a perpetual growth machine in their business.
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Completely changed my thinking about referrals
Since beginning Chad’s program I have completely changed my thinking about referrals and how and when to ask for them! This program has given me a clear process and helped me gain the confidence to ask all of my clients for referrals in a way that feels natural! I now spend more time building my business through the clients I already have instead of constantly trying to find new ones in less efficient ways and the results have been amazing!
Justin St. Clair, Senior Loan Officer
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A tremendous resource to increase referrals
I have been a Financial Advisor for 30+ years and was looking to take my business to a deeper level of connection with my clients. Chad has built an incredible program to support business owners and sales professionals in making relationship & referral easy and natural. I was introduced to Chad by a good friend who also had great success with him. I have found Chad and his coaching to be a tremendous resource to increase referrals, create raving fans and make the deeper connections I was seeking. I am excited to pay it forward and continue introducing many others to the program as well.
Joe Evans, Financial Advisor
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Chad's lead by example approach is a true breath of fresh air
Chad is an incredible coach, friend and referral partner. His referral consulting course is designed specifically for you to see, and feel first-hand what it is like to be treated like a value client. Chad's "lead by example" approach is a true breath of fresh air, and it is clear that he really does care about his clients. I'm looking forward to seeing some huge growth in my business using the client-centric approach that he teaches throughout this course.
Monroe Herington, Realtor - Harcourts
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I would happily recommend chad and plan on introducing him to everyone
I was introduced to Chad a couple weeks back from my buddy Robert. I was told that Chad would help grow my business through referrals....great thought but I was a little skeptical. I scheduled a phone call with Chad and he explained the areas in which he could add value. I signed up that day and have been pushing my business to the next level since. I would happily recommend chad and plan on introducing him to everyone else want to see succeed.
Tyler Crisci, Loan Officer - Own Mortgage
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Chad Durfee

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Chad Durfee
Owner & Founder
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