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We are a group of seasoned professionals that know what it takes to scale and grow companies profitably. We have experience ranging from multi-billion Fortune 100 companies to tech startups working every day to stay afloat. We have worked with private, PE, and publicly traded ownership models and have experience speaking to the Board of Directors and the C-suite.
David Gibson
Chief Operating Officer
I am a transformative and influential operations executive with over 20 years of experience in public, private, and PE environments, building high-functioning teams and delivering operational excellence through strategic planning, financial management, leadership, and an unquenched pursuit of excellence.
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Inspirational leader
It was a true pleasure working alongside David these past several years at Veyo. Having already brought exceptional Logistics and Lean skills and knowledge to Veyo, his true growth was as an inspirational leader and customer relationship manager. After losing our COO in 2021, David became our defacto COO for the next year and a half and was integral to both our operational and business development successes. Anyone who is fortunate enough to convince him to join their mission/team will never let him go!
- Stan Sipes, EVP of Business Development
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A teachable teacher
David Gibson and I worked together for several years and I hold David in high regard. David constantly seeks out insight in order to expand his abilities. He is both teachable and a great teacher. He has the managerial courage to give you his honest opinion when others simply tell you what you want to hear. He will make any team he leads better!
- David Wilson, Chairman of the Board
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Explosive growth
David was one of the most instrumental players in making Veyo what it was, and his expert leadership helped us navigate through explosive growth. It was awesome working as part of his team.
- Matt Classen, Regional Director
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David Gibson

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David Gibson
Chief Operating Officer
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