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Dollhouse Development is a quick and easy option for getting real estate solutions you may need. We specialize in working with homeowners, agents, brokers & investors to create a win-win situations. Our simple process eliminates the need for traditional services like Realtors and MLS.
Jeromé Cooper
Jeromé is the Founder of Dollhouse Development and helps oversee the company's core values. He works at the real estate investment and redevelopment company headquartered in San Diego, CA. He is in expert with complex real estate situations and actively helps supporting the local community helping solve real estate needs. He is also very experienced with real estate data and major real estate platforms used by thousands of professionals in the industry.
Jesse DiLillo
Jesse is a leader in the community and he helps service communities by purchasing distressed homes for renovation, thereby improving the overall value of the surrounding homes and rejuvenating neighborhoods. He is a real estate specialist, investor, and is willing to help however possible.
Valeria Castro
Real Estate Professional
Valeria was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. After she graduated from high school in her home country, she decided to come to the US to learn English. Due to the hardship her country was/is facing she decided to stay in Minnesota and get her college education. She graduated from Metropolitan State University with a Supply Chain and Operations Management Bachelor’s degree. After graduation, she decided to pursue real estate investing in San Diego. Moving to San Diego and starting her career in Real Estate was Val's life-long passion. Her goal is to help people get out of stressful situations and find solutions to their problems. Ethically finding solutions and creating win-win scenarios for her clients is Valeria's professional duty and responsibility.

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