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JSJ Sustainable Investment is a quick and easy option for getting real estate solutions you may need. We specialize in working with homeowners, agents, brokers & investors to create a win-win situations. Our simple process eliminates the need for traditional services like Realtors and MLS.undefined
Jesse DiLillo
Jesse is a seasoned real estate professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. As the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Cardinal Capital Group and JSJ Sustainable Investments, he has a proven track record of success in the acquisition, management, and disposition of multifamily self-storage, and residential assets. His portfolio includes over 1,300 units, over $170M of Real Estate throughout the country. Jesse's expertise includes raising equity, negotiating debt and contracts, and overseeing renovations. In addition to his real estate ventures, Jesse has a background in construction as a Field Engineer and Project Manager at a leading utility contractor. He holds a BS in Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Business Management and is committed to continuous education and professional development in the real estate investment space. Based in Milwaukee, Jesse works with a diverse range of investors, both domestically and internationally.
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Guy Is "Go Getter"
I have worked together with Jesse on multiple projects and opportunities. One thing I can say is that the guy is "go getter". He envisions a plan, strategically approaches it, accomplishes his mission and executes. Great to see a young entrepreneur that's motivated quarterbacking JSJ Sustainable Investments and giving his clients the tools to be their own boss!
Matt Hoszko
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One Of The Best
JSJ Investments is one of the best real estate investment teams I have ever worked with! They closed on several properties quickly. Highly professional and knowledgeable. Five stars!
Gerald Irwin lll
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What an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!! Thank you Jesse for making Real State Investment look so easy.... Wish I would’ve known before my other investments, hope to keep doing business together for a long time... A++++++++ Investor
Alvaro Ante
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Very Diligent And Trustworthy
Jesse is a very diligent and trustworthy source for deploying your hard earned capital. I strongly recommend him to anyone considering solid real estate investment opportunities.
Derek Smith
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Jesse DiLillo

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