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Wynee, was amazing, AGAIN!
Dedicated, Researched, and Seasoned: Wynee, was amazing, AGAIN! Where it takes days to hear back from realtors, she has responded within minutes, sometimes even seconds!We approached Wynee for the first time back in 2018. My husband and I were first-time buyers at the time and wanted an investment property in a highly desirable area by young professionals.Now, if you ask Wynee, she'll tell you she doesn't have a crystal ball and can't say for sure what will be the housing market in the future, but nevertheless, she was able to forecast the high demand among young entrepreneurs renters for the area we purchased in. That is because she is an expert in investment properties and an investor herself. Now in 2022, just four years later, thanks to her guidance, we were able to keep our investment condo and purchase a second property. She was able to find us the perfect home in a very hot -seller's market - and a tight budget on our side. One more request from our side that she handled perfectly, was the fact that we needed to close the purchase in only one month. Well, needless to say, Wynee had no problem with the challenge and we closed even faster than we expected. I simply can't speak highly enough of Wynee, her exceptional team, and her professionalism.
Maria Patzeva
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Prioritizes clients
Wynee is the Realtor that you need on your side! Without her, I don't think my wife and I would be where we are right now, and that is in a beautiful home exactly where we wanted it and at the price that we wanted. Wynee, has the knowledge, experience and oh by the way, she is not only a realtor, but an investor herself, which is a bonus because she knows exactly what to look for in a home and will not steer you the wrong way. Thanks Wynee for being so patient with us and taking the time, even on late evenings that I know you could have been spending with your family, but you put us in your priority list. Thank you soooo much!
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So lucky to have found Wynee
There are too many good things to say about Wynee, but the bottom line is that I know that I would not have been able to purchase a home without Wynee, it just wouldn’t have happened. Wynee helped me purchase my first home in 2021 during the most difficult market for buyers. As a first-time buyer, not familiar with the area, Wynee guided us through the entire process, answering our naïve questions and helping with every aspect, selecting neighborhoods, choosing, and working with our lender, formulating our offer, getting everything together to close escrow, and then taping into her vast network of contacts for work on our home. Because the market was so competitive, and homes were being purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking, all cash, as is, we thought there was no way we could ever win a bid. But Wynee assured us we would find the right home and made sure we were comfortable with the price and the offer contingencies. Wynee is deeply passionate about home ownership and really cares about helping people find what is best for each person. She is fun and a joy to be around. Wynee is an experienced realtor who is well respected and regarded by everyone we met, other realtors, lenders, inspectors, and contractors. In the end, we got an offer accepted because people preferred to work with Wynee, because Wynee is the best realtor to work with, because Wynee gets things done accurately and promptly with a genuine smile and great personality. She was always there for us, any time, any day, any location. In addition, Wynee has an amazing team that she works with and an extensive network of contacts for any possible need. We consider ourselves so lucky to have found Wynee. I could not recommend her more highly.
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Easy to work with
Wynee is amazing. She is so easy to work with and just made the process seamless. She always went above and beyond. She is a professional and very knowledgeable. She took her time to explain all of our options and we appreciated her honesty. That is rare in this market! We would love to work with Wynee again and again!
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