Triple Your Referral Income

Without even asking!
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Are you sick of wondering WHEN your next customer is coming in?

What if you had a FREE lead source that consistently provided quality new clients?

While you’re likely already receiving some referrals, you could easily be receiving 10x more

Most referral strategies currently being taught are out of date & out of touch with our modern marketing and sales culture.

Congratulations! You have just found the world’s most effective science-backed referral system and I guarantee you will triple your referrals as you learn and implement these easy and effective modern referral strategies!

Over 80% of consumers say they feel comfortable referring to their sales representatives.

Less than 15% actually do.

Are you P.O.O.R.?

Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly

What results can R.A.M.P. guarantee me?

  • You will Triple Your Referral Income Year in less than 1 year
  • You will Create a Referral Machine with Your Perfect Referral Process
  • You will Understand HOW & WHEN to Request Referrals naturally and easily
  • You will Learn to Leverage the Science Behind WHY This Works so Effectively
  • You will Start to Experience Massive Consistency in Your Lead Generation
  • You will learn to Work Less and Make More
  • You will Train an Army of Brand Ambassadors that Grow Your Business Year after Year without Any Extra Effort on Your Part
  • You will Finally Access Exponential Growth, Not Just Linear Growth, in Your Business
  • It will Give You the Opportunity to Finally Join the 21st Century with Cutting Edge, Scientifically Proven Methods
  • It will Turn You into the Most Referred Person in Your Profession in Your Market

Your Perfect Referral Process will allow you to average 3 referrals every year for every client you work with.

In a nutshell, you’ll gain 3x more customers, those customers will be 4x more likely to refer you and you’ll enjoy a higher conversion and loyalty rate from all of them while increasing your profit margin by over 25%.

Does that sound like the missing ingredient you’ve needed to take your business to the next level?

You may be wondering…...Why isn’t everyone focusing on this and making it a huge priority?

For 3 reasons:

1) They don’t believe they can really work exclusively by referral or significantly increase their referral business. Too many sales professionals have been taught to rely on cold, incoming leads that require tons of time and nurturing and have very poor conversion rates. They don’t stop to wonder if there might be a better way.

2) They wrongly assume that referral opportunities will always be there and that they can just get to it later, when they have more time.

3) Lack of quality training and effective tactics for the “Modern Referral”. The folks out there who are preaching the value of working by referral are teaching outdated techniques that can actually damage your client relationships instead of expanding them. So most sales professionals are left not knowing what to do and in dire need of quality training with modern techniques that actually work.

Have you ever had one or more of these thoughts?

🤦I'm already doing fine. I get plenty referrals

🤷It takes a long time to become referral only and I need deals NOW!

🙋I just need to ask more

💁Once I've been in the industry long enough, referrals will start to work out

🤔 I need to wait until the end of the transaction to ask for a referral

😳 It just feels so awkward

😕 I don’t want my clients to feel like I’m begging for business

😬 I don’t want to pressure my clients into anything

🤯 If they’re happy with my service, they’ll refer me on their own (no they won’t)

You’re not alone!

This program will show you just how far off track you are and how you can work exclusively by referral within 12 months. That’s a bold claim to make, but R.A.M.P. truly does show you how to achieve exactly that.

Would that be life changing for you? It is for most people.

Imagine what it would feel like to stop chasing leads and have them start chasing you! This isn’t a fantasy or something that takes years to achieve.

What makes R.A.M.P. so different?

  • The techniques and training offered in R.A.M.P. are based on proven scientific principles that are founded on the psychology of how referrals are actually generated and nurtured
  • The course teaches you how to set-up a perfect process for gaining more referrals so you can create consistency and never miss another referral opportunity again
  • This program includes a live weekly coaching option to help you stay on track and provide support as you learn
  • There are no on-going costs. This is a one-time course that includes absolutely everything you need to succeed

Who are experiencing massive referrals from R.A.M.P?

Realtors, Loan Officers, Wealth Advisors, CPA's, Attorneys, Personal Development, Business & Fitness Coaches, Photographers, Medical Professionals and any other client-based Sales Professional.

Completely changed my thinking about referrals
Since beginning Chad’s program I have completely changed my thinking about referrals and how and when to ask for them! This program has given me a clear process and helped me gain the confidence to ask all of my clients for referrals in a way that feels natural! I now spend more time building my business through the clients I already have instead of constantly trying to find new ones in less efficient ways and the results have been amazing!
Justin St. Clair, Senior Loan Officer
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A tremendous resource to increase referrals
I have been a Financial Advisor for 30+ years and was looking to take my business to a deeper level of connection with my clients. Chad has built an incredible program to support business owners and sales professionals in making relationship & referral easy and natural. I was introduced to Chad by a good friend who also had great success with him. I have found Chad and his coaching to be a tremendous resource to increase referrals, create raving fans and make the deeper connections I was seeking. I am excited to pay it forward and continue introducing many others to the program as well.
Joe Evans, Financial Advisor
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Chad's lead by example approach is a true breath of fresh air
Chad is an incredible coach, friend and referral partner. His referral consulting course is designed specifically for you to see, and feel first-hand what it is like to be treated like a value client. Chad's "lead by example" approach is a true breath of fresh air, and it is clear that he really does care about his clients. I'm looking forward to seeing some huge growth in my business using the client-centric approach that he teaches throughout this course.
Monroe Herington, Realtor - Harcourts
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I would happily recommend chad and plan on introducing him to everyone
I was introduced to Chad a couple weeks back from my buddy Robert. I was told that Chad would help grow my business through referrals....great thought but I was a little skeptical. I scheduled a phone call with Chad and he explained the areas in which he could add value. I signed up that day and have been pushing my business to the next level since. I would happily recommend chad and plan on introducing him to everyone else want to see succeed.
Tyler Crisci, Loan Officer - Own Mortgage
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