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Home Loans

FHA, VA and Conventional loans all have different characteristics and with over 20 years of combined experience, James and his team have originated all types of loans. Working with Freeman Loans will allow you to get a clear overview of all options and a road map for success.

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Finance Specialist

Rest assured, whatever loan you would like to apply for Freeman Finance has you covered! Don’t know what type of loan fits best for your situation? No problem, we’ll help guide you in the right direction for the best fit loan for your unique situation.

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Real Estate

Real estate agents put buyers and sellers together; mortgage brokers put buyers and lenders together. Real eeal estate agents help their clients purchase a property or sell a property, and mortgage brokers help their clients find financing for the property.

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Why Get A Mortgage From Freeman Loans?

Sure you can get yourself a mortgage from many different sources these days, but not all are created equal. What separates us from the rest is our pricing and commitment to service. We pride ourselves on speed and availability to help you win as a home buyer, even on weekends. Lack of communication or lag causes buyers to lose a chance at their dream home during critical buying stages. We won’t let that happen to you!

Rates are usually better from an independent loan officer, like James Freeman as it takes knowledge, work ethic, responsibility and communication. Most loan officers work Mon-Fri 9-5 and won’t answer the phone on weekends. James and his team are available 24 hours 7 days a week. If you’re looking to refinance or purchase a home Freeman Finance will provide you the best rates and service in San Diego and beyond.


Not all mortgages are created equally, that is why we can guarantee you top quality here at Freeman Loans.


Available 24/7 to help you win. You’ll be well informed of all feasible financing options for your unique individual situation.

Work Ethic

James believes in hard work, accountability, perseverance in problem solving, and treating clients like friends and family.


Not only does James have a passion for his craft but he’s passionate about solving problems and helping you win.

A Special Message From Me To Your Family...

"Freeman Finance and Real estate is a family-owned business. Freeman Finance was created to provide the best life possible for both your family and mine. I put my name behind every listing, every refinance and every open house! Working with Freeman Finance and Real Estate will be one of the best decisions you've made for your families financial success."
- James Freeman, Founder
Stress Free
James helped me become a first time homeowner. The entire process was fun and simple, as it should be. It was stress-free and he handled everything in my best interest. I've already completed one refi with him and it was even easier. I will continue to go back to James for any housing needs in California, and continue to recommend my friends and coworkers to his committed customer service!
- Sariah K
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Smooth & Comfortable
James helped me refinance my house giving me options and best advice, he was very patient and always followed up. I went to two other people prior to him and I must say the process and everything with James went smoothly and comfortably, I will continue to use James for future housing needs as well as recommend my friends/family on their housing purchases.
- Carrie P
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A Plan for the Future
James helped me while I was in the market for buying a house. He showed me all the different ways to finance a home and also what to plan for in the future as a homeowner when it comes to dealing with a loan. We spent a while looking at properties as well until I found the right one. We went through and discussed the process and decided to put an offer in.
- Alan D
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Couldn’t Have Been Happier!
James was very knowledgeable and helped me find a refinancing situation that worked best for me with an amazing rate and a very expedited process couldn’t have been happier!
- Andy J
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James Freeman

We Make Financing & Real Estate Easy

Knowledge, Service and a Tailored Approach for Every Client

Work With JamesWork With James
James Freeman
Broker Associate & Loan Officer
(619) 201-0299
4150 Mission Blvd, Unit 149
San Diego, CA 92109
Lic# 01968970
Home Loans & Real Estate Listings
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