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We handle all aspects of property management from tenant acquisition to rent collection to eviction.

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Single Family Homes, Condos, Small & Large Apartments

GoldenWest Management has a wide range of property management experience for every property type.
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Advertising, Market Analysis, Applications & Much More

Our team uses the latest technology, software, and procedures to make managing your home a smooth process.
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Maintenance, Repairs, Inspections & Rent Collection

It’s all done for you, just as it should be. Allow the GoldenWest team to help you Rent It Like You Mean It.
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How GoldenWest Management Helps You
Rent It Like You Mean It

Properly priced properties with the appropriate incentives and marketing produce quality prospects.
You get the best service, best tenants, and best profits when you work with GoldenWest Management.


Our property management team will professionally market your property to A-rated tenants in every way possible. Our marketing starts with professional photography for every part of the home and we use that to create a virtual tour. From there, your property is listed on over 40 internet sites, including the MLS, Zillow,, and social media. We follow through with stunning printed marketing materials, such as signage and flyers, all to drive qualified tenants to your property.

Tenant Acquisition

We handle every step of the property management process for you, including locating the best tenants available. Our Comparative Market Analysis competitively prices your property, ensuring only qualified candidates apply. Once our advertising draws in excellent applicants, we thoroughly screen their background, credit, rental history, and employment verification. We only incentivize when absolutely necessary to ensure you’re reaping the maximum profit for your investment property.

Maintenance & Repairs

Managing maintenance and repairs can be one of the biggest hurdles for homeowners. That’s why our property management services all include a 24/7 emergency maintenance department – so you never worry about any maintenance issues. Our company partners with top contractors and vendors to keep your investment in top shape, no matter what maintenance is needed. We proactively inspect each property regularly to ensure your investment stays in great shape during tenancy.

Accounting & Reporting

Never be left in the dark when it comes to your property’s profits. You get the information you want, when you want through our full reporting abilities. Our accounting and reporting software provides complete details of every transaction to you at your convenience. Our online Owner Portal allows you to check the status of payments, requests, and more at your convenience. Our property management team can even help you come up with an ironclad budget, reviewed annually.

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Everything Running Smoothly
I recently listed my home with the local GoldenWest Management office. In less than two weeks they procured a Tenant with perfect credit to rent our home. After coming out of a situation with our last renter where we had nothing but problems we were thankful that the leasing agent looked after our property. Its been 6 months and everything is running smoothly.
Nancy L. - Property Owner
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Extremely Professional
The Property Management Staff at GoldenWest Management are extremely professional and great with communication. We had the water heater at our property basically explode on a Sunday morning last fall. GoldenWest had a restoration company and a plumber out to the home within 2 hours. They cleaned up the water, replaced the water heater, and then had the Tenant back in the home without any issues before the end of the day.
Larry D. - Renter
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Found New Great Tenant
I want to thank the GWM team for all their help and guidance. I hired GoldenWest to take over for a previous management company and help clean up the mess they created. GWM assisted in evicting the Tenant (who wasn’t paying rent), find me contractors who brought the property back to rentable condition, and then helped find a great new Tenant.
Gerry G. - Property Owner
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Handled Efficiently
They kept me in the loop the entire time and worked diligently to ensure the repair was handled efficiently. I am 1000 miles away and don’t want to spend my weekends handling these kind of emergencies. Thank you GoldenWest Management for all that you have done for our property. Their knowledge and experience with Landlord-Tenant issues made a stressful situation much easier to handle.
Erica H. - Property Owner
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