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Pleasure Working With Scott
My wife and I had the distinct pleasure of working with Scott Locklear Construction to build our first home. Mr. Locklear was a pleasure to work with and always found a way to meet our needs. We had a time deadline and needed to be in our new home, and Scott made sure that the deadline was made. In the process he did not sacrifice the quality of the construction of our home. Scott is a well respected by his peers and is a leader in the community. He is passionate about what he does in all areas in his life. Scott will be a success in anything that he chooses t odd because of his work ethic, determination and the quality of individual that he is.
Zane & Jennifer Richey
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Scott Was Excellent
I first me Scott in December of 2004 when I purchased land in the Decatur area. He built our current home for us in 2005. The experience we had with Scott was an excellent one. We initially looked at many sets of plans and made changes in them to meet our needs in a floor plan. Scott worked closely with us to help maximized our space and stay within our budget. Scott has been friendly and courteous through out entire building experience. He always mad eye feel that my request and concerns were valid and important. I would recommend him and his crew to anyone in the housing market.
Jane Weber
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Very Positive Experience
Scott built my house about 2 years ago. He was very helpful in the location and design of our new home. Scott was always available for question and such while our house was being built. He never kept us waiting too long and when we couldn’t get him by phone, we would usually get a call back within minutes. I never felt like I was bothering him or his contractors when I would go by the house while it was under construction. Everyone was always happy to answer questions or explain certain things to me. After we moved in, Scott kept close tabs on us, making sure everything was working properly. We’ve had to call Scott a few times on small things around the house and he always responded quickly and fixed the problem. My building experience with Scott has been very positive, so positive that I’m getting ready to build again and Scott is building it.
Danny Sanders
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Extremely Helpful
Scott was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and responsive as our listing agent. His professionalism, expertise and excellent interpersonal skills work synergistically to make him a wonderful representative for anyone attempting to purchase or sell a home. Absolutely pleasure to work with!
Jimmy Saunders
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Scott Locklear

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Scott Locklear
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