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A True Joy

Wally Dally is a true joy in what can be a stressful time! He helped us sell our La Mesa home as we prepared for a cross-country move. He did many things to show that he cared for our family, such as showing up with moving boxes, personally helping us with small fixes on the property, and frequently calling to check up on our well being during a tedious process. He even showed up with a pizza for our family when he knew we were tired from a day of cleaning in preparation for that weekend's showings! Wally got to know our house's charm (and quirks), so that he could convey it's true value to each potential buyer that came to visit. He sat in our driveway for many showings, answering buyer's questions, but also giving us a sense of security that our belongings would be safe and in his care. It can be nerve-racking to let strangers into your home while you are not there. Wally always did his best to keep us feeling calm & relaxed. Wally is organized, timely, always available, and one of the nicest individuals I have met in such a customer service based industry. He is backed by the experience of Zandra Ulloa & the other great associates at Team Z, Active Realty. If he doesn't know the answer right away, he will find out & get back to you right away. I don't think there was ever a time he took longer than 10 minutes to answer my questions. He will meet all of your needs & wants with a genuine smile, and probably throw in a few things you didn't realize you needed! Thank you Wally!

- Faith R.

Sweet & Fun

Wally is the most sweetest and fun person to work with. He has Excellent Customer Service, knowledge in what he does, kept us updated since day one with the different process of purchasing our home and treated us as family from the beginning. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Christina D.

Gets it done

I called Wally a few months ago to sell my parents home in East county, he agreed right away to get it done. Within a few days of listing we had multiple offers and were able to secure a great deal way above asking price. Wally made sure to give us detailed recommendations and advice in which deal would benefit us most. He also got us an extra month of living after close of escrow which was amazing due to our schedule to move to another home. Overall very happy and thankful for all your help Wally! Will be recommending him to all my friends and family.

- Joe Y.

Just Contact Him!

Ok - first of all, you can tell when a person has a passion for what they do. And Wally has it. I met Wally at an open house where I landed by mistake (and a bit of fate) - the house was 3 times more expensive that what I could buy. Even when I told Wally that, he still showed me the house so “I had a frame of reference”, he said. He was attentive, courteous, and open to learn my needs. And we exchanged info. At the same time I was working with other three agents (one of them wanted to get me to sign an exclusivity agreement). But Wally was the only one who called me every other day just to ask me how was I doing in my search. He was genuinely interested on knowing I was finding my home. And then one day I told him: “Wally, you are very nice and I appreciate it, but the house I want doesn’t exist. I want a 3-4 bedroom, 20 minutes away from the border in the San Diego area, and that I pay $x amount monthly (x been half to a third of the average San Diego property). It just doesn’t exist.” Let me see what I can do he said. Not even one week later he called me and said: “Memo we found your home. It’s 5 minutes away from the border and has 4 bedrooms and is exactly within your specified range. Off market so you don’t even have to compete for it. Sure enough, we went to see the house and we fell in love. We bought at asking price, or appraisal, whatever was less- but appraisal ended up being asking price. I met Wally at the end of June. We closed escrow August 2nd. We moved in and now the kids are painting their rooms. Wally and Grace were there every step of the way. Finding a lender? They were there. Finding a better rate? They were there. Negotiating asking price? They were there. Dealings with the escrow? They were there. Negotiating so we got the $4k refrigerator? They were there. In every inspection? They were there. The day we moved? They were there. With balloons and some gifts that I won’t mention but let’s say they complete the house. Even after the fact they helped me connect with a contractor for changes in the bathrooms and they are still in touch to see how things are going. I can’t speak highly enough of them. I know Wally may not have the decades of experience other realtors have. But I can tell you he is the best realtor you can find in the San Diego area. Just contact him and you’ll see! And Wally, thanks! Mi casa es tu casa.

- Memo B.

Transparent & Reliable

Wally is the best! He was thorough and professional and great to work with. He was honest and forthright- no games. He was extremely communicative and easy to reach to answer any of our questions at all times. Wally was extremely helpful, open, transparent and reliable through the whole process, he really cared about us, understood our needs from the very first open house even giving us ideas on how better utilize the space. Thank you for everything you did for me and my family Wally, we will definitely recommend you everywhere we go!

Mariam R.

Wally Dally

Helping You,

Brings Joy To My Life

Proudly Representing Buyers, Sellers & Investors In San Diego and Riverside County

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