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Gena Kraft
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Your Silicon Valley Realtor and Bay Area Yacht Broker
Making a big purchase or sale can change your life, and Gena is exactly the person you want facilitating the process. She is a local Bay Area resident for over thirty years. After retiring early from a successful high tech career, Gena continued her keen interest in real estate and yachting by brokering these transactions. Her family background is in property development, and getting improvement projects lined up and completed is her specialty. When Gena is not selling homes and yachts, she is enjoying boating and water sports, and traveling. Gena serves on the board of directors for a property on Maui and enjoys vacationing there with her family. Both during her career in high tech and now as a lifestyle agent, people who have worked with Gena would tell you that she is professional, ethical and driven - someone you definitely want on your team. She is passionate and motivated to make sure you reach your goals.
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