You're The Executor or Administrator of a Deceased Person’s Estate!

You're The Executor or Administrator of a Deceased Person’s Estate!

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“Situations have ranged from the challenging to the immensely difficult to the seemingly impossible. In addition to communicating clearly with Executors/Administrators and proactively coordinating with professionals, we empathetically go above and beyond for each client.”

- Ron Greenwald & Patti Gerke

We Are Here For You

You need a team that offers not only experience and expertise, but empathy. Working with you is a team effort that we take very seriously as we understand the support you need during this trying time. You need Greenwald & Gerke RealtyTeam.

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We Specialize In Probate

Tax attorneys confidently recommend Greenwald & Gerke to their clients, knowing they can rely on Ron Greenwald’s and Patti Gerke’s deep knowledge of probate real estate as well as their competent, compassionate approach to each specific circumstance.

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Uniquely Qualified

As Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists, Ron and Patti have helped scores of people successfully navigate the complex process of probate real estate disposition. In situations ranging from challenging to immensely difficult, Ron and Patti always rise to the occasion.

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A Brief Overview Of Probate

Section 13100 of the State of California Code Law section (, commonly known as the Probate Code, covers the disposition of a decedent’s estate (real and personal property) “without administration” – that is, without a will in place. Making sense of the jargon can be challenging.

Simply put, probate is a legal process to administer the will of someone who has died. It allows the transfer of assets to the decedent’s heirs. If someone dies without a will, AKA intestate, typically a family member or someone close to the person must petition the probate court to be appointed administrator of the estate. Once appointed, the administrator liquidates the estate under the supervision of the court.

Probate takes place in the county where the decedent’s property is located. Greenwald & Gerke are certified to manage probate real estate throughout San Diego County.

In general, when a beneficiary petitions the court to administer an estate of someone who died intestate, a probate attorney handles the necessary legal steps. As part of the legal process that takes place after someone dies, probate includes many elements. Among them are inventorying the person’s property, having the property appraised, and paying any outstanding debts or taxes.

The information offered is intended solely to provide general information regarding the topic of probate, the probate process, and probate real estate. It is not intended to provide legal or tax advice. For probate information specific to your situation, we recommend that you consult with a tax attorney regarding legal questions and a tax professional regarding tax questions.

Special Note #1:

We work with probate attorneys and all required trades and professionals as members of an expert team focused solely on you.

Special Note #2:

Whether you are appointed full or partial authority, we are your one-stop shop to handle all facets of property distribution and sale.

Special Note #3:

Our experience and proven probate sales methodology maximizes net proceeds to the estate.

Special Note #4:

Best of all, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have honorably fulfilled your responsibility.

Probate is a public process...

As Executor/Administrator, you will be inundated by hundreds of unsolicited and often bogus offers from investors. You have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize net proceeds on behalf of the estate. Trust Ron and Patti to help you identify and select the offer with the highest and most advantageous terms.

“As a prelude to helping my elderly, unmarried aunt who has memory issues prepare to sell her longtime family home, I realized the title might be in her deceased father’s name. I did not know how to remedy what could be a complicated and costly probate situation. Patti and Ron were empathetic, helpful and so knowledgeable. Patti even sleuthed out that the house is indeed in my aunt’s name. After just one conversation with them, I had greater peace of mind and a path forward. I am very grateful for their expertise and compassion.”

- Jessica P.

“As trustee and one of nine beneficiaries, I needed to sell the Clairemont family home from my own home base in the Bay Area. I had interviewed Ron, who was recommended to me by a trust administrator law firm, before having some prospective purchases go south, including an agent who tried to lower the agreed-upon price substantially once we entered escrow. I cancelled that contract and went back to Ron. Instead of a scam, I got a reliable buyer and a smooth transaction at a fair price.”  

- Dennis K., Attorney at Law


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Appreciate Your Expertise
Ron & Patti - I can't tell you how much I appreciate your expertise & handling of all my mother's leftover stuff, cleaning the house, selling it, plus all your gentle guidance & wonderful hugs. You made this extremely painful & challenging time in my life easier to handle. With sincere thanks for all you've done to help me.
Kathleen W.
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Always Honest & Professional
I have worked with Ron and Patti over the past six years and cannot recommend them enough. In addition to working with them to buy my first home, I have worked with Ron and Patti on several transactions through work. In addition to going above and beyond for their clients, Ron and Patti bring a high level of expertise to their work. Real estate is a passion project for these two. It is not about the sale but doing right by their client. Always honest, professional, and a pleasure to work with. They are great realtors and exceptional humans!
Allison O.
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Highly Recommend
Ron was great! He provided personal service that was tailored to my needs. He was very flexible when setting up times to see properties. He is extremely knowledgeable of neighborhoods and price points. My home buying process was quick and easy, he did all of the research. I would highly recommend Ron and his colleagues for any home buying venture.
Beth K.
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Absolute Pleasure To Work With
The team of Patti Gerke and Ron Greenwald were an absolute pleasure to work with. They listened carefully to our Trust's needs and objectives and designed a detailed strategy that fit the specific target market that maximized the value of our property and did so within the unique constraints of a Trust sale. In spite of the huge market fluctuation and disruption of potential buyers due to the pandemic, they were persistent in maintaining our sales goals, adjusting to the situation and coming to the best closure that we could have expected in the circumstances. Our family highly recommends this highly professional, always courteous and respectful team for both a trust and/or multi-residential sale.
John C.
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We specialize in assisting aging adults and their families through the sale of a home by serving as a single point of contact for the comprehensive services.

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