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March 9, 2022

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How To Grow Your Real Estate Business: 5 Powerful Tips

The real estate industry has evolved drastically over the last few years. There are many trends for real estate marketing and 2022 is a great year to reevaluate your current business practices. Strategies that were crushing it are now a thing of the past. Now that everyone is going digital it's important to reflect on new approaches to your branding. 

So let's discuss some ways to make sure your real estate business is ahead of the times and can confidently represent yourself as the authority in your industry.

Heres five tips to elevate your business in 2022.

Quick Glance:

  • Be Strategic
  • Get Attention 
  • Get Feedback 
  • Get Refferrals 
  • Find Good Partners

Tip #1: Be Strategic

Making good decisions is based on a number of factors. You need to make sure you have a real estate business plan together and follow through tracking your efforts. If you need a real estate plan you can easily access the Authorized system. Our platform is designed to be strategic and provide you with a checks and balances onboarding tutorial that sets you up for success. 

The Authorized system is simple, when you sign up you are simultaneously building out multiple systems you can tap into as you grow your business. Our system allows you to follow through with the complete life cycle of your real estate property services. 

Our knowledge base provides you with creative ways to start out simple and find effective lead sources that you might enjoy working with. Becoming a premium subscriber will give you a strategy that fits and will work best with your skill set.

The beauty of the platform is that it allows you to expand with your business needs. We understand that being a new real estate agent can be expensive and involves a lot of front load work. We offer premium services for a fraction of the cost of what most companies charge before you have even started growing your business. 

You can take advantage of our free features and work your way into the features you need when you are ready to expand. We make it easy for you to keep consistent with your marketing goals.  

As soon as you get on the Authorized platform you are putting a plan into effect and representing yourself as the authority in your market.   

Tip #2: Get Involved in the Community

The best way to get more awareness for your business is to get involved with the community. This is a great way to show that you are a friendly and reliable member of the community. Of course this leads to a good reputation which also helps with referrals. 

Putting yourself out there is the best way to be the top salesperson and you will build a long lasting relationship with your community. Of course real estate is a numbers game and your online presence is the face of your business.

Majority of your business leads will be in relation to your online presence marketing efforts. It's likely that most of your online leads will have researched you online before they even call you. Getting an Authorized website is a guaranteed way to be the professional you need to be when you are on the spot.

Finding success in the real estate industry is no easy task so why not take advantage of an Authorized platform? Make sure you checkout our knowledgebase to find more helpful articles to grow your real estate business. 

You can get more exposure by:

  • Getting an Authorized Digital Business Card
  • Promoting your Authorized profile page on social media like Facebook or Instagram
  • Hosting weekly open houses
  • Getting and Authorized website
  • Creating valuable content and sharing on your Authorized website & socials

Do not get discouraged if your not getting listings when you first start. Remember it takes time to build a reputation and it can also take a long time for your prospects to decide to make moves. 

Getting on the Authorized platform is the most simple and easiest way to get on the right path to being the authority in your industry. Hard work pays off and getting Authorized will start the processes needed to grow your online branding 24/7. A system designed to keep working for you all the time.

Once you start gaining some momentum you can become a premium subscriber and track your analytics and marketing efforts with our intuitive tracking reports. Overtime you will be able to adjust your makerint efforts to make your business more efficient. 

Tip #3: Get Feedback

Pro Tip: Being a new real estate agent you need to make sure you are keeping track of positive and negative feedback. You can also get exclusive information on how to upgrade your real estate marketing efforts by scheduling a discovery call with our team.

This allows you to truly understand your community deeply so you can better service them. Getting feedback is a great way to gather notes and be open to new opportunities so you can close more deals. Do not be afraid to call your contacts and ask them if you are on the right track. People will generally appreciate that you are working to better service them. 

We suggest you find a few experienced agents that you can look up to and offer a helping hand where you can. Top agents can really help you get on the right track to fast tracking success. Make sure you reach out to family, friends, past clients, and let them know not to be shy when giving you honest feedback.

Let them know you are a new agent trying to service the community: 

  • Ask what am I doing right? 
  • Are you seeing online marketing? If so, what do you think of it? 
  • Would you refer me to a client based on my online presence?

Its always important to keep your knife sharp and get established on proven systems that will grow your business and with your business.  

Investing time into educating yourself with the Authorized platform is easy and you can do it well before you get inside the system. Our knowledgebase is always growing as we showcase case studies and chat with other real estate professionals. Taking advantage of our platform is free and you can immediately start using a lot of valuable features after just a few quick tutorials. 

Tip #4: Referrals

It can be awkward asking for referrals. It might seem like you are pressuring a prospect like you are a salesman. In some ways, you absolutely are. The Authorized system is designed to make this process more efficient and foolproof. It's a lot easier to get referrals than you think, word of mouth travels far. That's also why it's critical you have your online presence setup as the authority with the Authorized platform. 

To be successful you have to do what others are not willing to do. It takes time to grow a reputation and it takes time for homeowners to decide they may want to buy or sell. Afterall, this could be one of the biggest transactions they ever make. So be consistent and clear with your message. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want as long as you keep it professional. Soon it will become second nature as you elevate your networking. Of course any testimonials or referrals you get be sure to always post them to your website! 

Tip #5: Find Good Mentors

Finding the right mentors is likely the best way to hack your colleagues experience and open other opportunities on how you can work in this industry. There is so much to learn in this industry and every transaction is different. Thats exciting and also a reason why even the best agents have mentors.  

Establishing good relationships early on can really help you 10X your business. If your goal is to be the authority in the industry. Partnering with Authorized is the first step. Start for free and schedule a demo call so we can show you how to streamline your branding and get results quickly.

Good mentors and partners you might choose to work with could also be lenders, title, home inspectors, general contractors, handymen, etc. Since real estate is so vast its easy to find a professional you may need to connect with as you gain experience. 

Good mentors and business partners will undoubtedly understand the power of comarketing. This can be a powerful way to piggyback off a seasoned professional in your market and get more exposure. What's even better is the Authorized system is set up so you can co-brand and co market properties as needed. 

Always keep in mind that you want to make it a win-win at all costs when you are working with any customer or mentor gaining experience. Training people is generally time consuming and it can be draining on seasoned agents, especially if they have had high turnover with past trainees because of the market changing so drastically.  

Wrap Up

This article is a summary of the key points in our overview of strategies. These are tactics you can use today to grow your real estate business. Keep these pro tips in mind and you will certainly be in a good position to grow your business. 

Be consistent and leverage the Authorized platform to get started on your business plan, get attention, feedback and those referrals. To learn more tips & tricks check out this article.

  • Be consistent
  • Give back to your community
  • Find good mentors & referral partners
  • Leverage the Authorized platform for free even if you are not a premium subscriber
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