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How to Use Video in Your Real Estate Business



March 8, 2022

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How to Use Video in Your Real Estate Business 

Engaging content starts with creating helpful videos using these pro tips & tricks.

One of the beautiful things about video content is that it lives online forever. You can create a virtual twin of yourself and leverage marketing platforms and systems to keep getting exposure with that one video online while you are sleeping. Real estate marketing continues to change and so must the strategies your business needs to implement in order to stay relevant. 

Getting familiar with multi-channel marketing in order to keep top of mind for potential clients is a lot of work. There is simply so much to keep up with not only as an active agent, but it's nearly impossible if you start trying to be a webmaster, and social media guru. You have to lean on your systems and other teams to help support the marketing monster you have to keep a grasp of to maximize your exposure. You need to trust that your systems are designed to help you both offline and certainly online since that's where the world's eyeballs are shifting. 

You can get good at creating high value content by just filming yourself using video editors and the camera on your smartphone. Your phone is really a weapon of features you can spend a small amount of energy on that yield large results. Creating engaging video is the best way to connect with your community and it's the closest interaction they can create without being in person. 

A survey noted an astonishing key statistic, 94% of respondents shared that watching video has helped them make a purchase decision at least once. Of those, 72% were swayed by a product demonstration video. 

Of course face-to-face networking has the best potential for the strongest connection, it's highly likely that most of your clients in 2022 could come from online. Especially, considering your website is the face of your business. At the end of the day being consistent on multi channels and especially having a professional online presence is mandatory to be the authority in this industry. 

Like meeting in person videos can show your expression so your prospects can identify with you and get to experience your personality without being pressured. So it's important to leverage your knowledge and double down with these strategies while using a proven platform that works. Authorized makes it so much easier for you to share content quickly, and has a baked in video marketing system on our platform.

Simply put real estate professionals can leverage the power of the Authorized system, and use our baked in property marketing system and simply drop their video marketing right into their website. The Authorized platform is a simple process that ensures your marketing is not just lost on social platforms, but is ever growing in your authorized website. 

Video Marketing Strategy

When you get Authorized you can immediately start using the video marketing system and start sharing videos. Getting started is as simple as uploading your marketing videos into a webform. 

The Authorized system makes it easy to be consistent and simple to execute effective video marketing strategies. What’s great is you can create your videos, simply upload and all your videos in one place. It’s easy to upload videos to only YouTube or Instagram. However, there is so much value in you casting another net on the world wide web, and also adding it to your own personal footprint, your Authorized Website. The more you use the Authorized system, the more it works for you. 

Imagine a video library of content you can upload and update at any time. If you have watched Netflix you will already know how to start inside the dashboard. The simplicity of the platform for all the complex tasks it can organize for you, is mind blowing. You will be excited to save time and money centralizing in a powerful simple interface. 

You can dive in head first after you watch our step-by-step onboarding tutorials or browse our other content in our video library. You can always tap into our knowledge base to get tips and tricks and keep up to date with our ever growing content. Additionally, you can schedule a discovery call with our team at your convenience.


Quality vs. Quantity

If you get Authorized you will be representing yourself as the authority in your industry. The quality of your content is obviously important, but you have to ask yourself… Is your content for you? Or is it for your audience? 

If your content is genuinely made for your audience, and you are putting valuable content together to help your community, you will eventually see results. You don’t need expensive equipment to make quality content. With everything there is balance so be mindful that you will be able to edit videos anytime once you get momentum. 

Your content will live on social feed and your website forever if you don't have control over it. On the Authorized platform we give you the ability to to manage all your content from your website and in your video library. Of course it's great to be able to update your content when needed, but it's also powerful to continue to let your content compile so you can showcase your services overtime, creating a portfolio of your work. 

Our platform was designed for you to win more listings by showcasing your online presence, and utilizing the same video library on your website to assist during your listing presentations. The complete Authorized team has worked with brokers, real estate agents, and investors, to deeply understand their needs for both their website and listing presentations.

Be confident knowing that you are represented as the authority in the industry and everything you need to close deals can be effortlessly showcased so you can leave a lasting impression.

Your Videos

Since your marketing videos are a direct reflection of you & your business, it's wise to set aside time to do a quick marketing audit of all your assets. Decide which marketing materials are worth utilizing and which ones you might want to ditch. Outdated photos and video files are fine, but outdated tactics you might have updated are not worth trying to salvage. 

If you are just getting started, and don’t have much high value content, do not stress. Great video content can be captured from your laptop or smartphone. Remember anyone can hold a camera to capture a quality recording, as long as you keep your marketing consistent and genuine. Your business marketing message will be more powerful than your video's resolution.


Pro Tip: Ask yourself, are you creating high value content or are you creating copy and paste low value content? Schedule a discovery call with our team to get a marketing tips and professional feedback.

To be taken seriously you don’t always have to be someone you’re not, people respect your journey and appreciate knowing you are a human too. So don’t record so many takes that you start to sound like a robot, and have way too much footage to edit. Fumbling for words is a small mistake that can be edited easily, it can even be a relief for your customers to see. In a way it lets them connect with you on a personable level.  

Being natural and getting to the point quickly will soon become second nature. Lastly, be conscious of getting a general storyboard together so you can prevent recording & editing work. Again, being taken seriously doesn't mean you should make boring videos.

Here is a question for example, is it more entertaining to watch a real estate agent recording a selfie on his cell phone walking through an open house? OR more entertaining to watch a real estate agent dancing silly in different cuts from every room in a virtual property walkthrough? You don’t have to be this drastic but you get the point. Making boring videos doesn’t build your brand. 

When it comes time to record content for your video marketing efforts, focus on being yourself. Talk about three big pain points your customers may experience and three reasons why working with you elevates their customer experience. Remember your audience is not involved with the real estate market everyday, so you need to clearly break down your message and pre-prepare for any objections. Try to get good at explaining your value the way you would to a fifth grader. Be engaging, solve problems, and provide value. 

Make sure you have a quiet space available where people can hear you clearly. It takes a little practice to learn how to dial in your camera, sound, and lighting settings. There are a variety of apps you can use to help systemize this. Explore your settings and get the style mapped out so you can further brand your business. After a little practice creating videos in the field perhaps at a new listing, or open house, will be more convenient for you to continue your marketing efforts.

Using the Authorized platform is a great way to support exposing your content. The platform was built so your website encourages your prospects to intuitively explore your video page for more content. Be sure to check out our knowledge base so you can learn other valuable real estate marketing tips and tricks. 


Visually branding your business in each video is important. Your videos should have your logo or images that incorporate your business. For example, you could include your Authorized QR Code on every video you post to YouTube, or on your Authorized Website. Choosing small ways to separate yourself from the crowd and establish your brand as the authority will undoubtedly set your business up for success.  

Again be conscious of not sounding too scripted and make sure your tone and cadence are coming off as if you would be having a normal conversation. Having well thought out, and branded marketing elevates your online presence and will take time to polish. But getting content done is better than not producing any. You can always go back and edit old videos once you get more experienced or hire a team. 

Videos are one of the most powerful ways to get customers to know more about your business. They will know you are the authority as long as you are genuine as you create marketing videos to be an extension of your overall self and core values. 

Wrap Up & Creating A Strong Call To Action

Making sure you are clear on what your intentions are and how you are providing your customer with value. Also be sure you are very clear on your call to action. A lot of real estate agents make great marketing content and fail to clearly demonstrate a call to action. Make low resistant and exciting offers that are obvious. The last thing you want is one of your viewers to click on your competitors' videos because you didn’t gude them.




Anticipate objections ahead of time and be confident when you deliver your pitch. In your video be sure to say book consultation, or give me a call.

You will get the best results when you are explicitly announcing your value proposition and how to take advantage of it. Take advantage of YouTubes video editor so you can funnel your audience to your next marketing videos.

To learn more tips & tricks check out this article.

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