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Introducing the Authorized Platform



February 28, 2022

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The Authorized system is designed to elevate your online presence, brand awareness, networking, and gives you the opportunity to present yourself as the authority in your industry. 

The Authorized system is powerful intuitive marketing system designed to elevate your online presence, brand awareness and networking. It's the new way to optimize your marketing strategy, by leveraging the power of our platform features & tools designed for increasing your online & offline visibility.

Expertise That Speaks For Itself

The real estate industry is one of the largest industries in the world and digital real estate platforms have shaped it for the better. These platforms give access to a variety of data, analysis, and programs to help professionals and homeowners find and sell homes more efficiently. If you are a successful real estate broker, agent, or investor, odds are you are managing your team, marketing materials, properties, and of course your online presence from a computer. 

Real estate is our roots, but marketing technology, and entrepreneurship are our passion. Authorized was built because our world class team decided to take our passion, experience, and knowledge and eventually created the Authorized platform.

In the digital era, we all know it's not uncommon that your first interaction with someone will likely be online. That's why real estate real estate professionals have to be very conscious of maintaining their website and continuously working to improve their brand awareness. As you grow your brand, your website and marketing systems need to upgrade as well.

Elevate your business to a proven platform that supports your vision and represents you as the authority. The Authorized platform makes a lot of complicated tasks simple. Schedule a discovery call with our team to find out even more.

The Simplest Platform to Create a Powerful Presence

Your website and online presence are the first thing people see when they experience working with your business. Getting Authorized gives you the confidence you need to present yourself & along with access to a powerful platform.

Our onboarding process is so natural that you don’t even realize you’re branding your business, website, and improving your SEO as soon as you finish creating your account.

Beautiful & Professional Design

Your online presence is the face of your business, so make sure your website is capable of leave a lasting impression.

We know agents need to focus on closing deals, so why not et your website sell your brand and your listings? We give you confidence knowing that your business is Authorized and marketing systems work to get you the most exposure. Getting setup to represent yourself as the authority on our platform takes in minutes, not months. 

You can start elevating your online presence instantly by simply creating an account & logging in.

We know that being the top in your industry means working with the right teams and systems. If you run a brokerage, top performing team, or work independently the Authorized system can work for you. Ditch the clunky, slow loading, poorly designed pages. 

Do not let a website solution hold your business back. Getting on the Authorized system is easy for brokerages and individual professionals. We specialize in all real estate tech systems and are knowledgeable about unique solutions for all types of migration situations. 

When you want to leave a lasting impression, every little detail matters. Especially, in the real estate industry, it's naturally a personal experience working with a homeowner to buy or sell a home. Representing your business as the authority is the best way to attract more clients and rest assured your digital appearance will always be elegant. 

Our dashboard allows you to easily update and customize your website. You will be able to personalize your website so that your branding, personality, and professionalism shine. The beauty of your Authorized website is that it’s also a full marketing system. It’s designed to centralize your online presence, marketing tools, and promote your brand. 


We know that your business website, individual property web pages, and other digital marketing updates need to change as quickly as this market does.

The Authorized dashboard allows you to easily make updates to your website by simply logging in from your website. Your website and your dashboard are essentially the same interface, centralizing your systems and making life more simple. You can log into your Authorized account and make immediate improvements with just a mobile phone and your fingertips. 

We know working in real estate is hectic, and your mobile phone is a powerful tool, if you could only tap into all the features you need from the field. The Authorized platform allows you to manage your marketing and improve communication all from your mobile device or desktop. Even when you're not at your computer, no more stressing about losing prospects. Start creating long lasting relationships, deploy marketing campaigns, and much more.

Since you are constantly networking & looking for the next opportunity, exchanging contact information is a crucial process that can make or break your business. When you are an Authorized business, you can easily share your Authorized Digital Business Card, Or Webpage to create a better customer experience for your prospects. 

You can share contact info quickly and easily by using your Authorized Digital Business Card, QR Code, or Authorized URL. One link that organizes all your professional information and helps showcase your services more effectively. No more clunky link-in-bio tools. Upgrade to the Authorized system and elevate your networking.

There are endless ways you can leverage the power of connecting on the Authorized platform. You can start by testing all of them within minutes. Start using your Authorized Digital Business Card immediately on multi channels.

Powerful, Simple, & Intuitive

Running a successful real estate business is like managing chaos at times. There are a lot of logistics, deadlines, personalities, and details, and money you have to deal with.

Managing all the small details leaves no time for figuring out a new real estate software should not be a chore. Oftentimes this is why real estate teams get stuck in their ways and never migrate to more powerful marketing platforms/systems. The Authorized platform lets you relax knowing that you do not have to deal with slow load times, troubleshooting, or having to figure out a confusing website builder. 

Once you are Authorized, it’s easy to start working in our dashboard. You will pick it up naturally. Say goodbye to headaches and no more overwhelming onboarding. Just prepare to contain your excitement knowing you have a solution to daily challenges in an easy to use platform. 

The Authorized platform is a simple system that makes complex work simple. Authorized business owners love using the powerful features we also offer once they are using the system. We streamlined your marketing systems and website page builder while it intertwines simplicity, complexity, and speed.

Our step-by-step onboarding tutorials are always a click away to get you up to speed 24/7. Updating your website is easy and we even break down everything you need to know from simple edits to overhauls. Save time with the Authorized platform and let it optimize your business marketing efforts. 

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Along with an elegant website our marketing system provides you with the analytics and reporting you need to make marketing decisions. Centralizing your marketing tools by just visiting your website makes it easy to transition between marketing tools & listing presentation tools when needed.  

Authorized was designed not overwhelm you with fluff analytics that you can’t prioritize. We give you the important data that you can trust. Our system will help guide you to improve your marketing with step-by-step walkthroughs and continuous system updates. Track your progress without getting analysis paralysis and start experiencing real improvements.   

Getting Authorized is the best way to improve your online presence with none of the headache. Stop stressing about access to all the various tools and simplify your systems with access to your website & dashboard, all in one place. Get control over your branding, marketing, website, and success.  

What used to require endless hours of work can now be accomplished in minutes. You can use the platform to do everything from website maintenance, schedule professional photography, to updating information about each of your listings. All these features along with the perks of our automated SEO. Simply opting to join the Authorized with your free account will help increase your online presence. It’s a network of real estate professionals that just keeps growing and improving. To learn more tips and tricks visit this article.

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