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Advice for a new agents to find real estate leads



February 23, 2022

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Advice for a new agents to find real estate leads

Lead generation is not easy when you are just starting to get started in the real estate industry. It can be uncomfortable branding yourself or worrying about if you are pressuring someone to use your services. Being new in the real estate industry, especially after Covid-19, and wrapping your head around massive fluctuations in the market right now can be difficult.

These topics are not intended to scare you from getting involved in real estate, however, we think its important to note that the industry has been forced to adapt to a much more drastic landscape. Generating leads can become second nature when you get started in the right direction. The Authorized system is set up to help new and experienced professionals level up to modern day solutions to market yourself as the authority in your industry.

One of the biggest challenges any agent faces with lead generation is elevating their marketing to get with the times. Along with showcasing your business as the authority in your industry, and shift towards better online and offline marketing strategies.

The new normal is changing all the time, and to be the best marketer means you have to test and measure new tactics in order to improve. In this article we want to share strategies to help new and experienced real estate agents, brokers, investors and marketers elevate their efforts. 

Why Online Lead Generation?

It’s important to highlight major recent changes to consider for real estate lead generation.

The Worldwide Pandemic

Unfortunately, death, divorce, destruction, and distress are all huge factors when it comes to real estate. People are instantly put in positions that can flip their world upside down when this situations occur. Since real estate is so personal and strict restrictions were put in place it certainly restricted realtors and real estate professionals to operate.

Many renters, and homeowners were also in a tough situation trying to adjust to the massive shift in business worldwide. Since the entire world was forced to work online every industry has to understand that lead generation online must be a top priority. 

Realtors are not forced to find a way be relevant and need to adapt to new ways to generate leads. Getting on the Authorized system is a simple and effective way to get more exposure and represent yourself as the authority in your community.


Times are changing and so is the amount a time a Realtor has to make a good first impression. We are so overwhelmed with data and marketing messages it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. Do not be that agent who learns a close connection used a random realtor because they forgot you had your license. 

Time is of the essence, and getting online is one of the best ways to market yourself 24/7 as the top agent in your industry. It's easy to leverage the power of the internet to showcase your professional portfolio in real time & all the time. 

As a new agent it's super important to consider the hours you spend cold calling leads compared to gaining leads by online marketing. They are both important but when you can run marketing online, via your website and social media, you can also rest assured that your marketing is running while you're asleep if you set it up correctly. 

Online Strategies To Boost Lead Generation 

1. Opt For Online Lead Generation Portals

Real estate agents learn the easy way or the hard way that they need to leverage a lead generation platform in order to offload necessary work. The Authorized platform is not only free but its built for real estate professionals to help with this problem exactly. We offer tools and custom solutions for many real estate businesses and professionals big & small. 

Getting Authorized allows professionals to focus on doing what's important in their business and confidently knowing prospects will find them when potential customers are searching for their services. 

The Authorized platform is a popular choice for both experienced professionals and new agents to use because it's simple. It’s naturally intuitive when it comes to marketing yourself online and offline. The platform helps you focus on relationship building and gives you a suite of tools for generation online. 

2. Search Engine Optimization On Your Website

If you do a quick google search about online marketing you are going to find that search engine optimization is crucial. You will also find that SEO optimization is going to lead you down a rabbit hole on what direction to go in. There is a simple solution to improve your real estate marketing SEO efforts, and that's getting Authorized. In order to get more leads, its necessary to pop up on top in search engines. Getting on the Authorized platform is free and it instantly helps you rank high on search engines and provides you with a system to get more traffic to your website.

There is so much competition in the real estate space it's a no brainer to upgrade your marketing with a system that simplifies and centralizes everything. The Authorized platform helps get you more online traffic but also gets your more qualified visitors. 

3. Social Media Marketing & Ads

Paid advertising is a great way to effectively generate more leads. However, if you don’t have a great website or online presence to help close, you are shooting yourself in the foot. 

Stop throwing money out the window when you are not publishing your content on your own website, let alone social media ads. Take the time to present yourself as the authority in your industry by going through our Authorized onboarding process. Its free to get started and you will start to grow exposure being an Authorized business on our platform. 

Some Authorized users have found it more effective singing up for our free service than even running paid ads. Some users even have to request to be removed from the platform because they can’t keep up with the amount of leads we have helped them generate. Talk about having a good problem to have! 

Facebook Marketing

Social media can be more than a powerful tool if you know how to use it correctly and be consistent. There are so many ways to create leads with Facebook marketing, however most professionals post content on their social media and forget to add that content to their own website. 

They may even have to contact their webmaster to upload photos for them on a daily basis. Using the Authorized platform we prevent all that. We encourage you to post on social media when we designed a process for you to upload content on your website, that simultaneously generates informative content for your social media. 

We know that your website, and social media are both different nets that you cast on the world wide web in order to get leads. So make your processes more efficient by doubling down and running your marketing posts multiple platforms from one space. 

Google Ads

Google ads are another great way to generate leads. Of all the search engines, Google is the top dog. Google also owns, YouTube, and they work with most of the major other companies that are online. You may not even know you are using Google on some major platforms. 

Google wants you to run good ads even gives you access to tons of analytics and resources to make better marketing decisions. There are ways to run google ads effectively but its important to have your website, and overall online presence Authorized before you start throwing money away. Join the Authorized platform for free today and chat with our team and community with ways to better your business before you discover easy tips that could create a lot more leads. 

4. Content Marketing

There are so many critical components to effective online marketing. In a lot of cases, your inbound marketing is only as effective as your outbound marketing. You will enhance your efforts when you provide real value to your customers. Make sure that your content isn’t focused on what you do, rather than focus on what your customers need. 

Offer them resources to put things in prospective to help understand why working with your is worth it. Our team can help you figure out campaigns that can elevate your efforts with over a simple discovery call. At the very least you can lean on our team to help decide if your cold call pitch is effective. 

When you get Authorized we make it super simple to include a lead capture form on all of your marketing campaigns. The Authorized system has tons of robust features and tools to offer you. We help you create lead capture opportunities, identify prospects, and funnel leads into a slick process that helps you close more deals 

Advice For A Real Estate Agent

New real estate agents should not be afraid to get involved in the changing market. In fact this is likely one of the best times to get involved because you will be aware of new processes and situations that will help you grow your business. 

It is so important that you look to new modern ways to run your business online and offline. Getting Authorized helps with these systems and makes life easier. We have a lot of unique ways we can cater to your business needs if you setup a discovery call to find out. For more tips and tricks check out this article.

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