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Back to Basics - Rule of 7



February 27, 2022

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One of the oldest concepts in marketing is the rule of seven. Times change, and thats especially true since the pandemic. But this basic principle still applies, and although it is old, it’s not outdated.  

The rule states that a prospect needs to experience seven different marketing messages at least 7 times before they purchase your product or service.  

Since the 1930’s marketers in the movie industry discovered that a certain amount of promotion was required before their movies resonated with someone before they decided to take action to watch their movies.

According to Wikipedia “the number seven has greatly symbolic associations in religion, mythology, superstition and philosophy”. Think about it, there’s seven days in the week, the Seven Seas, Seven Wonders of The World, there are seven colors in the rainbow.  

Seven is important and it may be symbolic, however, what's more important is your marketing message.  

Pro Tip: Just remember not all touches are created equal. How you speak to your prospects is just as important as the amount of times or touches your marketing touches them.   If you want exclusive marketing campaigns that are prebuilt schedule a discovery call with our team.

The Rule of 7 tells you that your prospect needs to hear or see your marketing message so many times before they buy it. 

To keep it simple, your marketing strategy should be consistent & repetitive. You do have to create brand awareness and grow a reputation. Do not just blindly run a one off advertisement and expect to close customers or get them to buy your product.  

Rule of 7 in 2022 

Marketing on your website and on social media in this digital age is extremely important. Especially, considering you can market to your customers online 7 times in one day. But even if you could afford to do this, you need to have systems in place that can support this strategy. When you get Authorized you get access to a system that helps simplify the processes necessary to grow. The platform is designed to support you grow online via your website and centralizes your marketing tools. 

Social media absolutely helps when you are trying to maximize your resources and get as many touches or marketing messages as regularly as possibly. The beauty about social media is that it can be as cheap or as expensive as you can afford. But if you are not a social media expert, it can be daunting to keep up with. 

What Can You Do?

In order to elevate your marketing by implementing the Rule of 7, start by getting on the Authorized system. It’s designed with these principles in mind and getting started is free. The platform also lets you gradually grow into marketing tools when you need them. Learn about all our features by visiting our knowledge. 

Here are a few important points to consider when you're working to improve your marketing using this fundamental principle.  

1. Lost In The Shuffle

Since everyone has information at their fingertips, they are overloaded with marketing. Literally bombarded. They also have access to the internet and can do their own research to find the best information anytime. It’s an information world and most marketers get lost in the shuffle. 

 If you agree that it's easy to get lost in the shuffle, one of the best things you can do is just repeat your marketing message. It naturally takes time for someone to get to know you. So maybe the first message or round of touches got lost in the shuffle.  

I am sure you can imagine that people are generally resistant to marketing by nature, especially since we tend to deal with marketing spammy or well done. So you might seem like you are overdoing it marketing to a prospect 7 times, but you are really just scratching the surface.  

Overtime, the market has only been getting more noisy, so repeat your message, and then repeat it again, seven times. Be consistent. 

2. Customers don’t need your product… yet. 

Depending on your industry or services there are chances that your prospects just don't need your product yet. It’s not uncommon to see multiple marketing ads over and over again. It could take years for some buyers to make a decision, take real estate for example.  

Keep your marketing message consistent and well crafted, a year long campaign could easily pay for itself ten times over. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Repetitive marketing messages spread out over time will show results. 

Consider your services and industry as you plan for the best strategies. Do not be the real estate agent that stops doing a holiday campaign only to find out one of your prospects decided to work with a competitor because of a simple Christmas card. Keep it classy but do not be afraid to be a broken record with your message. 

3. They might not see the value 

Sometimes, people do not buy things just due to the price point. 

Simply put, there is always an effective way to showcase your value proposition in a way that caters to your customers purchase decision or cycle. Every customer has a unique different purchase cycle they go through before they make a decision. Just know if someone sees more value in your product or service, they will find a way to buy it. They never worry about the price if it's the right thing they want.

Too often, marketers and salespeople focus too much on copywriting in order to sell their products. You can't just write something like "Buy our product now!" or "We're the best company ever." These statements are not necessarily true and don't really say anything about the companies products.

However, if you can show value, about how your product is making lives better, that could lead to something thats worth investing in.

That’s why you have to be consistent and use a combination of different but consistent marketing touches showcasing your value in order to connect with a variety of different purchase decisions. Assuming you are providing great value, and your prospect will see your message multiple times using the Rule of 7, money will not be an issue. 

4. They don’t know you

People tend to work with who they know and like. So building a reputation through the fundamental marketing Rule of Seven is critical. The more your prospects hear about you, the more likely they are to accept and work with you. 

Pro Tip: the average person will need to be exposed to your message seven times before they will take action.

Wrapping up

The rule of seven is a fundamental principle in marketing. Consistency is key and leveraging the Authorized system will get you started in the right direction.

If you're looking for a marketing system that's not only effective but also cost-effective, Authorized is for you. With intuitive onboarding process and a ready-to-use platform, Authorized will help you get more customers in less time.

It's more than just a marketing system, it's an all-in-one solution.

To learn more tips and tricks check out this article.

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