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How to Create a Real Estate Agent Website on a Tight Budget



March 2, 2022

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The Complete Guide to How to Create a Real Estate Agent Website on a Budget Using

Introduction: Why You Should Care about Having an Agent Website?

Most real estate agents want a website that will allow them to effectively communicate with home buyers and sellers. A good website can help you gain clientele. While agents understand the value of creating a website, many are on a tight budget for web design.

If you're not willing to pay an hourly price for your website builder, think about investing in a template site that you can customize exactly like we offer when you get an Authorized website. Authorized has elegant pre-made designs that can be amended to accommodate your needs and most templates are ready to publish in minutes.

The beauty of this is you can get started for a fraction of the cost compared to building a website from scratch so you can own the code. This way of building a website is becoming less popular because its very expensive and in a few years, you will have to overhaul your site to keep up with the digital changes. Building a real estate website on the Authorized platform allows you to build a site for much cheaper and you can still make changes at anytime.

In simple terms, no more headaches. The Authorized platform is designed to let us handle the technical part of managing and maintaining your website. You as the user can access the intuitive Authorized dashboard to take advantage of all the services and make changes to your website at anytime. Our websites templates consist of a homepage, blog, photo gallery, video page, contact page, map search integration and other features.

What are the Basic Requirements for Platform

The requirements are simple. You just need to fill out a webform with your information and photos and we instantly start building your website. You can also add any information you might want to include in your, Buy, Sell, Properties Page, Testimonials etc.

The Authorized platform was designed to show as much or as little information you need so it looks great on all devices. No more clunky, outdated formats that look horrible if you don’t have information to showcase.

We know getting started in the real estate industry can be tough, and it can take time in order to build a portfolio to showcase.

Don’t put more work on your plate when you can become and Authorized agent and immediately elevate your online presence.

How to Create a Real Estate Agent Website from Scratch in 4 Steps

Creating a website can be a daunting task for some people. Fortunately, the Authorized platform gives you all the tools you need to make the process easy. Let’s look at how you can started in four simple steps.

  1. Click the get started free button
  2. Fill out the information needed for your Authorized Digital Business Card (free for all users even without an Authorized website)
  3. Once you have completed filling out your digital business card, click the “website” section on the left hand side of the dashboard, and customize your website text however you want so you can showcase your brand.
  4. If you have property listings, or a portfolio of properties you have sold in the past, simple add those to the “Properties” section of the tool and hit publish.

Getting your website published and live has never been easier and it can be setup in minutes, and of course you can always log into your account to make changes when necessary.

How Much does it Cost to Build a Site on

Getting started on the Authorized platform is free. Anyone can create an Authorized Digital Business Card, and free individual property website page. In order to unlock all the features of the Authorized platform you have to be a premium subscriber, depending on your business needs you can choose which tier is best for you.

Keep in mind, it can take years to learn, and grow your online presence with SEO and content. When you join the Authorized platform, you immediately benefit from our baked in SEO and also get a suite of additional tools to continue your growth. Be sure to check our knowledge base to find out about even more ways Authorized can help you and your real estate business.

Websites built on the Authorized platform are designed to convert. We integrate conversion methodology right into your website, and give you the tools and resources needed on the backend in order to execute successful online marketing strategies with ease.

If you're serious about online marketing, then the Authorized platform will allow you to easily launch a site, drive traffic, convert leads, and close deals.

Wrapping Up: 

We hope this article has been helpful in understanding the basics and costs of building a site using the Authorized platform and we hope you're ready to take your first step towards dominating your market! Here are some other tips & tricks you can learn in this article.

  • Get started free today
  • Get your digital business card (free)
  • Build an individual property page (free)
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