How To Decorate Your Rental Without Damaging the Walls

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December 1, 2022

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The holiday season is officially here and with Christmas around the corner, you’re probably planning on decorating your rental property.


Sadly, one of the most common methods that many renters will utilize during the holidays is tacks, or nails, to hang their holiday lights, garland, and other decorations.


Thankfully, you can decorate your rental property for the holidays, (without poking holes in the walls) when you follow these tips.


Tip #1 – Use Command Hooks


Command hooks are an easy (non-invasive) way to hand Christmas decorations because they don’t require you to use tacks, or poke holes in the walls of your rental property.


Simply peel the sticky command strip, press it onto the wall, and apply the hook.


This is an instant (stress-free) way to hang your holiday decorations without having to poke holes in the walls of your property and worry about them later.


Command Hooks are also cost-effective and can be easily found at your neighborhood Walmart or Home Depot.


Tip #2 – Use Floral Wire


Floral Wire is another inexpensive way to hang decorations for the holidays, especially holiday lights, or long strands of garland.


Simply cut the length of floral wire that you need, then using Command Hooks you will tie the floral wire around your hooks and drape your holiday lights, evergreen branches, snowflakes, or garland around the wire.


Like Command Strips, floral wire can be found at any home improvement store.


Tip #3 – Zip Ties


Last, of all, another hack that you can use to hang holiday decorations without damaging the walls of your rental property is zip ties.


Simply use attach a zip tie to your command hooks, (or existing nails in your walls) to hang garland, lights, or decorations.


Besides the tips in this article, don’t forget that you can also add garland (or lights) above a door frame in your rental unit, on a mantle (if your unit has a fireplace), on mirrors, on cabinets, on curtain rods, or on your front door.


There are a wide variety of creative ways to decorate your unit with style and be ready for Christmas and family events during the holidays.


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