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How to Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing



February 27, 2022

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Authorizing your business is one of the most effective steps you can take to instantly upgrade your personal and professional brand both online and offline.


Being an effective business owner means you have to leverage systems and count on team members to help grow & manage your business. In this article we discuss how to optimize your real estate marketing systems & processes.

But first…

If you are not already on the Authorized account holder, sign for your free account so you can implement some of these strategies. Whether you run a brokerage managing multiple team members, or work as a solo business owner, the Authorized system has you covered.

In this article we discuss how to optimize your real estate marketing systems & processes. In the current competitive real estate market, it’s not enough to simply sell properties. The competition is fierce and buyers are savvy, so you need to be able to provide a compelling reason for them to buy from you.

Big Ideas:

  • How to Simplify Your Marketing Systems & Amplify Your Marketing Efforts
  • Learn How to Increase Credibility & Represent Your Business as the Authority in Your Industry
  • How to Better Promote Your Business Online & Offline with Confidence

The One Platform for an Integrated, Consistent & Repeatable Marketing Strategy

Optimizing marketing systems & updating outdated processes can be a nightmare. Luckily, the Authorized team has years of experience testing various platforms while building & refining the full Authorized system. Authorizing your business, sharing your contact information, and being in tune with potential customers will immediately help improve your overall marketing presence both online & offline.

Being an effective business owner means you have to leverage systems and count on team members to help grow & manage your business. The Authorized system takes away guess work when it comes to optimizing your online & offline digital presence. Whether you run a brokerage managing multiple team members, or work as a solo business owner, the Authorized system has you covered.

The Authorized system is designed to elevate your business so you can best suite your business. If you chose to become a premium user in order take advantage of all the features, or just want to join the platform for the free benefits, getting Authorized let you setup, simplify, & automate advanced marketing processes.

Using a centralized system to manage multiple aspects of your business is priceless. We recommend you join the Authorized community so you can collaborate & network with our community. You also get access to advanced training videos, webinars, exclusive industry interviews, & weekly content that will help you out! Get excited!

We try to keep it simple in order to keep you up to date, but we know it can be overwhelming making complicated things simple. Thats why encourage you to follow our socials so you are always up to date when reviewing our account details.

Again, simply opt in and fill out the webform to get started, once completed you will officially Authorize your business & rest assured that you're elevating your marketing & networking experience. Authorizing your business is the simple first step to upgrading your online presence so you can start converting contacts into paying customers.

Learn How to Increase Credibility & Represent Your Business as the Authority in Your Industry

One of the most common interactions you can adjust to optimize your networking is to stop relying on old school, outdated marketing tactics.

Everyone knows "great things never come from comfort zones" so ditching outdated methods & implementing new tactics will keep your business top of mind when your services are needed. Even if that means starting by sharing your contact information.

Ask yourself if not now, then when? 

When should you level up & implement new processes that will take your business to the next level? When will customers stop connecting with you because you are unwilling to update your processes to connect with them more easily?

Change is uncomfortable, but it is necessary....realistically, when you get on the Authorized platform, change stops being uncomfortable, and starts getting exciting. Like most of our customers, you can quickly learn being available at your clients fingertips will convert to more closed deals.

Its truly fulfilling when you can confidently showcase your business on the highest professional level and know that your systems are working when you aren't.

Marketing Doesn't Need to Be Complicated

Imagine you pass out a classic old school business card, all while expecting your new potential customer to manually save your information in their smartphone. It's painstaking to put your client in a position to go through this process just to contact you.....

Pro Tip: Get exclusive content on how to generate more leads when you schedule a discovery call with our team.

From a customer service experience it's ludicrous to expect a new business prospect to work that hard to literally just save your contact information...

You mind as well as them to memorize your phone number or even easier IG handle!

"88% of business cards handed out get thrown away in less than a week."

(Per Hyland Graphics Design & Advertising)

Ultimately, even if you share your contact info with someone you are networking with, and they don’t need your service at moment, you can rest assured knowing that you are still connected via Authorized.


Whereas, they will likely trash your flimsy paper business card, along with their bubble gum wrapper, & CVS receipt.

Conclusion- Get On The Right Path - Get Authorized

Getting Authorized elevates your networking experience beyond normal expectations. Your prospect’s will be impressed with the newest, latest & most efficient way to showcase your business. 

You would be lucky just getting all your business information printed in a legible format on your flimsy business cards.

Let alone manually entered & properly saved as a contact in your recipients smartphone....

We use smartphones to prevent re-entering information especially when we need it to be conveniently accessible & easily shared....

The brain power it took to explain this process caused me a headache.... So lets simplify this madness by concluding that leveraging the Authorized system is in your best interests.

Leave a lasting first impression and easily share, and continue to communicate with your network. Do not throw good money out of the window implementing old marketing tactics when you can leverage free digital solutions by simply opting to get Authorized.

Technology changes so fast you optimizing your marketing starts with getting Authorized. Stop asking millenials if they have a dedicated landline... AND stop passing out paper business cards.

There is a lot more data to share now days than you can display on a classic paper biz card. Guaranteed it will look awkward if you fit all your socials tp showcase your business...

Unless you are Authorized, then presenting yourself as the authority in your industry is easy. You automatically elevate brand by creating an account.

Your Authorized Profile can be shared simply by sending your Authorized account to new contacts, scanning your Authorized QR code, and if you are premium subscriber, your contact info can even be shared by simply tapping your premium Authorized Card to any compatible mobile phone.  Find out other unique ways you can use your digital business card with these tips and tricks.

Stay Ahead of the Competition - Get Authorized

  • Authorized Digital Business Card (custom link we generate after you opt in)
  • Authorized QR Code—simply scan your QR & populate your Authorized Profile
  • Authorized Card–resembles a premium credit card that can be tapped to share your Authorized Profile with compatible mobile devices.

The value of getting Authorized is priceless, get started free, schedule a discovery call with our team, or access our step by step training videos to find out all the ways getting Authorized helps your business instantly help.

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