Professional Vs. DIY Property Management – Which Option Is Better?

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March 15, 2021

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Are you thinking about hiring a property manager, but you're not sure if it's the right decision for you to make or not?

Many landlords feel managing their properties themselves will be a worthwhile cost-saving measure. They rarely factor in the amount of effort involved as part of the 'cost' of self-managing.

Sadly, DIY property management is why many investors burn out within a few years of owning rental properties, and they end up selling them.

At GoldenWest Management, we believe in the passive cash flow and wealth that can come from owning investment properties. Hiring a professional property management company is the best way to maximize that cash flow. In this article, we will share some of the pros that come from hiring a property manager.

Pros Of Hiring A Property Manager

  • Property managers know the State, Federal and local laws. Their knowledge saves landlords time because they don't have to stay updated on the laws constantly. Owners can have confidence that their property managers are on top of the recent changes to regulations affecting the industry.
  • When a landlord hires a property manager, they can also have confidence that their manager will use the latest technology and online tools to screen and place the most qualified tenants in their properties.
  • A professional property manager also has professional maintenance teams, including plumbers, electricians, handymen, and plumbers, to manage their clients' rental properties.

Should You Be A DIY Property Manager?

Investing in a rental property is one thing, but managing it yourself is another thing because managing a property can be very time-consuming.

When you DIY manage your property, you will have to screen and place tenants, handle customer service, rent collection, and maintenance.

Your time will never really be your own; your tenants may end up calling you for maintenance requests at night, weekends, or holidays and you may constantly be thinking about your property when it's vacant.

Ultimately, your decision to hire a property manager or focus on DIY management is up to you. If you want to enjoy the passive income that comes from owning rental properties while enjoying your life... Well, the choice is clear! You should hire a property manager.

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