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The Benefits of Real Estate Video Marketing



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The Benefits of Real Estate Video Marketing

Great marketing content that engages prospects is a must for any credible agent. Fortunately, real estate agents can use video to connect with clients and virtually duplicate yourself and your story!

When it comes to connecting with customers on the internet, there's really nothing better than video. Videos really boost trust and make a memorable experience. Plus they're the best way to build your authority in your real estate business.

Videos are an important marketing tool for any kind of real estate broker, agent, or any business, not just real estate. They provide ways to grow customer and agent relationships, increase lead volume, and help sell the services & products you offer.

1: SEO

If you upload your real estate videos to your Authorized real estate website or YouTube, you can have them show up in search results for years to come.

Tough to get ranked at the top of Google when services like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and sometimes even your own agency take up the entire first page. But if you use video plus a powerful platform with built in SEO thats constantly being updated, you can start to rank above these platforms and own your image.

Plus, Google usually always sprinkles in one or two videos on search pages when something is relevant. So when you add videos to your YouTube and Website videos can populate in both places, getting you more exposer. So don’t forget to make sure you aren’t cutting yourself short posting them in just one place.

Pro Tip: It’s easy to rank on top of google search with video because your content will be high value for anyone who ever searches that specific property address. Think of this as a big buyer portal!

2: Branding

It's all about people - we only do business with those who know and feel like our friends. They need to trust us, preferably remember us as well.

Real estate video marketing is easy to create and it allows you to build a reputation with someone rather quickly. You can build trust, send messages, and show compassion all through video. Leverage this power to elevate your brand.

The fact that you can make facial expressions and gestures via video even if it’s just for a split second, can go a long way. People notice subtle expressions, listening, and notice gestures, this can create a connection with someone that affects how they deal with business in the future.

3: Social Proof

One of the things that's really powerful about video marketing is they can show you are the authority in your industry free.

Video is the best way to show off your knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to the world. Over time you can create a solid library of videos that can work for you 24/7. When people start watching your videos, they'll notice how much knowledge you have about your niche. Make sure you are clear about your value proposition and your customers will know you are well worth the investment in time & money!

It's important to prove to potential customers your expertise, and a great way to demonstrate that is with a nice video. You'll also have more time outside of your business, because people can watch your videos for answers - which will be better for you and your customers too.

Using Video For Real Estate Lead Generation

Here are the types of leads you can benefit from when you are using a strong real estate video marketing strategy:

  1. Local homeowners looking to sell in your area
  2. Buyers looking for homes in your target market area
  3. Out of town Real estate agents looking for referral agents in your area (post on FB)
  4. Out of town buyers looking for homes in your target area
  5. Past clients who keep up with you online and look for market stats
  6. New clients who discover your YouTube Channel or your Authorized website
  7. People looking to move to the community from you sharing local stats

The Best Real Estate Videos

  • FAQ about Buying or Selling
  • Video Blogs
  • Screen Capture Video
  • Real Estate Market Video
  • Property Tours
  • Testimonials
  • About Me Video
  • Community & Neighborhood Videos
  • Video Emails
  • New Homebuyer Celebration Video

Wrapping Up

Whenever someone asks you a question, write it down and start compiling a list of video ideas. Its likely someone else in your target area will have similar questions so why not help them out buy posting answers to common questions. 

Videos can take minutes to make and they can really boost your business. Get exclusive information on how to grow your online presence with videos when you schedule a discovery call with our team.

Get more information on video marketing by checking out this article. 

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