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What is a link in bio tool?



February 25, 2022

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What is a link in bio tool?

Link in bio tools allow you to link to more web pages and content in your social media bio. These tools help improve your brand awareness and can point users to more content to better help explain your services, or provide them with helpful content you want them to see. 

So start taking advantage of the one link social media platforms and get Authorized so you can use the free link in bio tool today.

Most social media platforms only allow you one link in your bio. So using a link in bio tool is extremely helpful for business owners, social media managers, large agencies, artists, influencers, entrepreneurs or even students in order to best optimize that one link. 

It creates a lot more possibilities for your followers to know you better or be more involved in your journey. Link in bio tools also allow you to get analytics so you can understand how much traffic you drive to your single bio link. Your bio link can also link to other custom links that you may want to share with your audience.

Link in bio tools allow you to link to more content & different web pages in your socials like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. There are other creative ways to use a bio link like adding it to your email signature, sharing it on print marketing, or just share the link on social posts, or in text messages. When your link in bio gets clicked, you can share more information about yourself or your business like linking to a website, a YouTube video, a monthly newsletter, or even send them to your Spotify channel. The possibilities are endless.

When your audience clicks on your link, they will be able to click buttons, or other links you created, or redirect them to a specific link. This is great because it allows you to be in complete control of what message or link(s) you want to promote or publish. Plus you get more than one link.

Throwing an event you want to get more exposure for? Or do you want more traffic to your business website? Maybe you just want to link to that new song you added to Spotify… These are all great reasons to use a link in bio tool. Great link in bio tools like ours at Authorized are free and customizable. 

Getting Authorized gives you access to our link in bio tool for free. You can customize your headshot, background banner, buttons, and much more. Simply opt in to get Authorized and you can get straight to sharing your links. Premium subscribers can access additional features and marketing tools you may need to elevate your branding or business marketing. 

Why is it needed?

It’s time to take your social media game from amateur to pro with Authorized Lin In Bio. Our customizable link-in bio tool is just what you need for effective branding and marketing on social media.

It elevates your networking and it alleviates the pressure of having to figure out what's the best link to share in your bio. You could go crazy and post a ton of links if you wanted, or rest assured knowing that the Authorized system was designed to help you keep everything organized and professional. 

It streamlines your marketing message and keeps your audience or potential customers engaged with what you want to share with them. Why let a potential customer click on a competitor's website because you simply didn’t link them to your next resource?

Using a link in bio tool helps prevent this from happening. It also helps keep your potential clients or followers from researching a company website aimlessly clicking around in order to find a specific link that pertains to their purchasing decision. 

It's an absolute no-brainer that you will improve your marketing efforts and get in front of your community more effectively when you use a free Authorized link in bio tool like ours get started.

Ways you can use a link in bio tool

1. Get your audience to the right page, quickly

The Authorized bio link tool is designed to get the correct message shared with your customers, audience, new prospects, or past clients. Your marketing messages have to be organized and be branded so they trust that you are the authority in your industry. 

2. Give your followers more links

Give your audience what they want, more information at their fingertips when they need it. Using the Authorized link in bio tool you can add all your important contact information, social media links, custom links, photos, and more. 

This also allows your prospects to get in touch with you on the social platforms they prefer to use. You can’t share all the information you need these days without providing them with all your info in one central link.

3. Sell your services or products more easily using a link in bio tool

Selling your products and services online you are constantly promoting new content multiple times a day. Or you want to redirect your audience to important news pertaining to your industry. It's not efficient to change the single link in your bio every time you want to do this. It’s proven that you will be able to increase your sales by using a link in bio to provide your prospect with more information about your business. 

Pro Tip: you can even improve your sales by giving your customer other additional options, so you can upsell, down sell, or cross sell so you don't miss out on opportunities. 

The Authorized bio link tool is truly a gateway to better brand awareness, elevates your networking, and can also help you close more deals. 

4. Run more advanced marketing campaigns

The Authorized system was designed to help you & your business not only get more visibility online but also offline, by systemizing your marketing processes. 

It’s very easy to use our free link in bio tool to drive traffic to your website, improve SEO, and encourage traffic to subscribe to your newsletter. 

If you decide to become a premium Authorized user your brand can even take advantage of more robust marketing features, tools & custom solutions. Like triggering a text, email, or direct mail campaign to go out with everyone you connect with. 

Imagine connecting with a client using your Authorized bio link and knowing they will be getting a handwritten yellow letter in the mail a few days later. All prebuilt campaigns that work for your business that automatically go out when you decide to Authorize your business. Our premium features are setup so you can gradually roll them in when you need them. 

5. Get more traffic to your website or social media 

The Authorized bio link tool allows you to lead your audience the funnels you need. You can drive traffic to as many or as little places as you need. Trying to heavily promote a book release? No problem. It’s easy to add or take away links so you can be direct when needed. You can also test and measure what links are most engaging to your audience when you decide to upgrade to premium features when you need them. 

Keep in mind that the Authorized link in bio tool is an external platform outside of social media platforms. This way you don’t have to stress about your link breaking if one of these platforms has a disruption. In fact, when you choose to get Authorized and get your brand or business on the platform you are instantly elevating your SEO efforts for just opting in. 

Wrapping Up

Link in bio tools help you convert more leads and link to resources that might be more engaging for your audience in an organized way. Additionally, the Authorized bio link tool can improve your witty bio by showcasing that you are the authority in your industry. 

You don’t have to be an expert in every field to own a successful business. It’s time to take your business from amateur to pro with Authorized Lin In Bio. Our customizable link-in bio tools are just what you need for effective branding and marketing on social media. For more tips & tricks check out this article.

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