What Is SB 466? Learn More About the Proposal to Expand Rent Control in California

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May 25, 2023

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The battle for rent control in California is heating up once again thanks to SB 466, a new proposal by Sen. Aisha Wahab (D-Hayware), that would make it possible for cities and counties across the Golden State to expand rent control.


Senator Wahab’s proposal would effectively curtail most of the landmark Costa-Hawkins Housing Act and impose rent control on rental housing built after 1995.


The Impact of Eliminating Costa-Hawkins


Costa-Hawkins has provided rules that housing providers in California have relied on for decades, if it were to be eliminated landlords in California would only be faced with more bureaucracy, additional costs, and red tape.


Worse yet, expanding rent control to rental housing built after 1995 would further stifle housing construction in California because it’s likely that few builders would want to build in a state where rent control applies to all properties.


A Rallying Call for The Rental Housing Industry


SB 466 is another rallying call for the rental housing industry, and a sign that efforts to eliminate Costa-Hawkins haven’t stopped, despite failures to pass bills over the last 15 years which would eliminate or change one of the most important pieces of housing legislation in state history.


More rent control and bureaucracy are not the answers to solving the affordability crisis in California; only with more housing will we begin to see real change come to California’s rental market.


Until more rental housing is built in San Diego, and statewide, the best thing that every rental housing provider can do is make their voice heard by calling their state legislator to oppose another bad idea that will adversely affect everyone in California’s rental market.


Say NO to SB 466. It changes the rules California housing providers have relied on for nearly three decades and only adds more costs, bureaucracy, and red tape to hard-working housing providers without adding any new homes for California families.

It's critical to make your voice heard: Ask your legislator to vote against this bill when it comes up for a vote. Click here to make your voice heard!


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