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Why Get Authorized?



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  • Increase Credibility & Become the Authority in Your Industry
  • Authorize & Amplify Your Marketing Efforts
  • Promote Your Business Online & Offline with Confidence

As a real estate brokerage, agent or investor, you absolutely need a professional online presence in order to compete in today's market. Authorizing your business immediately upgrades both your personal and professional brand, improves your online & offline marketing, and helps streamline processes so your business can close more opportunities.

After opting in you will access your Authorized Profile, once you complete the webform you will receive your Authorized Digital Business Card, QR Code, and Custom URL. If you upgrade to a premium account we will also send you a physical Authorized Card that you can use to tap & share. 

In minutes you can start showcasing yourself as the authority online and offline. Your Authorized Profile centralizes everything from your website, social links, contact information, and any additional custom links you want to share all in one place. 

Your Authorized Profile can be shared simply by sending the link to a new contact, scanning your Authorized QR code, and if you upgrade to a premium account, your Authorized Profile can even be shared by simply tapping your Authorized Card to any compatible phone.  

That's the magic of getting Authorized, whoever you are connecting with just needs a smartphone and they can instantly receive ALL of your information to save as a contact..  

No more handing out old business cards hoping your prospects will not only save your old school card, but also manually enter all your information in their phone later…. 

Chances are they will lose your card in the shuffle and what could have been a customer, is now just someone who tossed your old school business card in the trash along with their bubble gum wrapper. 

Presenting yourself as the authority in your industry starts with elevating your networking experience. Replace the paper business card with Authorized. Share your Website, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, you name it. instantly. So you can connect and make business relationships on any of the platforms that your clients prefer. 

Share your Authorized Profile via:

  • Authorized Digital Business Card (custom link we generate after you opt in)
  • Authorized QR Code—simply scan your QR & populate your Authorized Profile
  • Authorized Card–resembles a premium credit card that can be tapped to share your Authorized Profile with compatible mobile devices.

When you share your Authorized Profile, either online or offline, the other person does not need anything to receive your information, no app, no accounts, nothing! Just their smartphone is needed to save your Authorized Profile. 

Your Authorized Profile can be used for a wide range of applications with the endless customization options of your profile. Dynamically choose what you want to showcase on your Authorized Profile by logging into your account to update & customize at any time.  

Whether you are a real estate brokerage, agent, investor or even a student, entrepreneur, or photographer, the Authorized system will not only streamline your networking experience, but will leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

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