Checklist for Choosing the Perfect House in Retirement

Greenwald Gerke


April 8, 2021

Checklist for Choosing the Perfect House in Retirement

You’ve worked for years to achieve the financial freedom you desire in retirement – now it’s time to find the right home for this enjoyable season of life. This is the change you have to fulfill the dreams you’ve been waiting on for years. Buying a house in retirement is exciting, with many options to consider for the upcoming years and your priorities.

What to Consider When Buying a Home for Retirement

In retirement, you have more time to enjoy your hobbies, family, and community. Most people want to find a comfortable and beautiful place with built-in functionality to minimize upkeep and enable mobility and independence.

Here are a few of the most critical factors that will influence your decision at this time:

  • Accessibility: Even if you are in excellent health right now, the reality is that mobility starts to be impacted in the retirement years. How will your independence potentially change in the future? Make sure you have an accessible home that will enable movement from room to room.
  • Renovations: Think ahead to minimize renovations later down the road. You don’t want to spend your free time fixing leaky pipes or repairing the air conditioner. At the same time, avoid potential expensive renovations later for accessibility – such as a walk-in shower or wheelchair-accessible rooms.
  • Community: What access is nearby? Consider the neighborhood and community, including outdoor entertainment spaces, grocery store access, entertainment, and more. Choosing a walkable community is an excellent way to maintain an exercise routine and visit other people in the area.
  • Yard Care: It takes a lot of time and effort to keep up with yard work, which is why many retirees choose HOA communities with landscaping services. Choose a home without a yard, such as an apartment or condo, a townhome or neighborhood with yard care services, or a small yard that will be easy to manage.
  • Location: Where do you want to spend your time during retirement? Most people look for warm weather and convenient access to friends and family.

At Greenwald & Gerke, we provide customized services to help you create the ideal lifestyle for retirement. For additional information and to learn more about us, visit the video library on our website Contact us any time for real estate assistance: (844) 782-9674.

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