Coronavirus: The Risk to Older Adults

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March 5, 2020

The truth is: there is no need to panic.

At the moment, if you are in the United States, the risk of getting coronavirus is low. But this illness behaves much like other common seasonal illnesses, such as the flu or common cold. Older adults and people with chronic health conditions have a higher risk of complications if they catch this upper respiratory illness.

How Age Affects the Coronavirus

Age can definitely play a role in how a person is affected by coronavirus. Many of the deaths that have occurred are among the older populations. In fact, Chinese health authorities have shared that 75 years old is the median age for deaths among coronavirus patients.
Older people have a higher likelihood of having an underlying lung disease. When the lungs are already at risk, any form of upper respiratory infection can increase the risk of serious complications. Some medical professionals have suggested that mortality rates for the older population might be as high as 15%.

Common Sense Health Tips

The situation is being monitored closely by the CDC, and they are encouraging people to stay calm and follow common-sense health tips:
Wash your hands often, using soap and warm water. Scrub the hands for at least 20 seconds.
Avoid touching your face, including the nose, eyes, and mouth – especially with unwashed hands.

If you are sick, stay home.

Minimize your contact with other people who have upper respiratory symptoms (coughing, fever, etc).

Cover your sneeze or cough by using a tissue, then throw the tissue away. If you use your hands to cover a cough, your hands should be washed immediately.

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