COVID-19 Vaccines and Seniors: Factors to Consider

Greenwald Gerke


February 26, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the United States is offering a glimmer of hope for people of all ages. As millions of doses are administered, it feels like a light at the end of the tunnel.
Initially, the first doses were only available for certain groups of people, such as frontline healthcare workers. Since aging adults are in the high-risk category, seniors are the next in line in many states to receive available doses. 
In the state of California, long-term care residents were in the first group for vaccinations, with more doses available to individuals over the age of 65 as we move into Phase 1B of the vaccine plan.
Facts About the COVID-19 Vaccine
Are you considering whether or not you should receive a COVID-19 vaccine? Here are a few factors to consider when determining if this shot is right for you:
  • Other Health Factors: Medical professionals are urging people with other health factors to prioritize this vaccine. People with a higher risk of complications due to age or other health concerns should consider this treatment's potential benefits.
  • Safety of the Vaccines: Even though the vaccine production was rushed compared to the standard research process, health experts are confident that this vaccine is safe and effective against COVID-19. Potential side effects might include pain at the injection site or flu-like symptoms.
  • Contraindications and Warnings: Certain health conditions could pose complications after the vaccination. For example, anyone with severe allergies should talk to their doctor to decide if they should receive the vaccine.
  • Scheduling an Appointment: It might take some time before vaccines are more widely available. You can check with state and San Diego County resources. Also, talk to your doctor for recommendations about scheduling a vaccine appointment.
If you want to receive a vaccine, then an appointment is required, as well as proof of eligibility. Space is limited, but teams are working hard on the federal, state, and county levels to distribute available doses as quickly and efficiently as possible.
As with any medical decision, it’s always best to consult with your primary care physician to decide on the right course of action for your health care.
Maintaining Good Health Through Retirement
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