Do Consistent and Healthy Sleeping Habits Help in Delaying Dementia?

Greenwald Gerke


June 23, 2021

Do Consistent and Healthy Sleeping Habits Help in Delaying Dementia?

How are sleep habits and dementia related? Sleep health is vital to maintaining a clear mind. Let’s talk about how sleep can help in delaying dementia.

What Your Body Achieves During Deep Sleep

When you create good habits that regularly let you fall into a deep sleep, then your body has the chance to clear out the junk that accumulates while your brain is working during the day. When the garbage is cleared out, there is more room in your brain to process and hold onto memories.

The drainage of the garbage in your brain happens the most during deep sleep. You have different levels of sleep, and when you create consistent sleep habits, you are more likely to fall into deep REM sleep.

Tips for Creating Healthy Sleep Habits

If you have sporadic sleeping habits, you may not know what a good night’s rest will contribute to your overall health. Make a special effort to stabilize your sleep routine. Insomnia is more common with age, but there are things you can do to combat it successfully.

Some tips for doing this may include:

·       Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.

·       Eliminate screentime for 30 minutes before bed.

·       Exercise each day vigorously to tire out the body.

·       Try not to take naps or sleep in, even if you felt you had a hard night’s sleep.

·       Avoid caffeine and sugar in the evening hours.

·       Look into meditation or a relaxation routine to wind down before bed.

When you take measures toward increasing your sleep quality, you will find that your brain can think more clearly during the day. It is vital to give your brain the chance to rid itself of the excess thoughts and functions. Do what you can to prevent dementia and a failing memory by working on your sleep health.

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