Electronic Caregiver: Solutions for Monitoring Patients and Healthcare Staff

Greenwald Gerke


July 16, 2020

Today, we are happy to meet with Tim Washburn from Electronic Caregiver to discuss how this technology can be used. These products are designed to be the answer to promote healthcare in a meaningful way. The goal is to go from episodic care to real 24/7 telemonitoring within a much better healthcare system.

Technology to Protect Patient Relationships 

There are ways to leverage technology without destroying the relationship that patients have with doctors and hospitals. This process can optimize care while minimizing risk at the same time. The team at Electronic Caregiver developed solutions before COVID-19, and this pandemic has made it more important than ever to use technology for meeting the needs of each patient. This technology can go in a patient’s home to provide safety, monitoring, and reminders. 

Technology for Monitoring Work Staff

At the same time, this technology can also be used to monitor the health of staff and employees. For example, the system has been rearchitected a bit due to COVID-19 – to accommodate our own employees for minimizing risk in the workplace. If there is any type of medical concern, each employee has real-time access to telemedicine support before they even leave their home. 

We’ve had zero cases of COVID-19 in the workplace. There are situations where employees don’t feel well or have a temperature, but they don’t come through the doors because of the proactive monitoring in place. Employee health is something that should matter at all times, not just during the COVID pandemic. The hope is that ongoing health monitoring will help to reduce business productivity loss due to sick employees.

Helping Seniors Age in Place

Ongoing healthcare support is a critical step in helping seniors age in place, which is why we are sharing this information about Electronic Caregiver. These technology solutions could be integrated into a person’s life plan, giving them more independence and support while staying at home.

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