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Single Property Websites



March 1, 2022

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Best Practices for Single Property Websites


Single property webpages can help you focus a buyers attention on a single property rather than overwhelming them with different options or search features. Marketing a individual property using a single property page can be powerful, when you are using it correctly.

What is a Single Property Website?

An individual property webpage is built to exclusively showcase a specific property. These individual property pages became popular for luxury real estate, but by no means are they limited to a specific price point property.

Often times MLS listings or property reports can contain a lot of real estate data that may or may not be helpful when showcasing a property. Real estate investors and wholesalers want different information available to their buyers than real estate agents.

For these reasons single property pages are great because they can include the specific information you want to showcase by simply customizing your property webpage.

Pro Tip: Authorized is excited to offer you a free property page simply by getting on the Authorized platform.

What are the Benefits of Using One Real Estate Website Instead of Multiple Sites?

  • They allow you to hyper focus your marketing to one specific property so you can generate the most interest for it.

Marketing a property that has very unique features is likely a good reason to setup a single property page. Using a single property website can highlight the property features you want to promote.

However, generally speaking this strategy works best when also run campaigns on multi channels. For example, if you had a property that had very unique features that would be appealing to a specific buyer, you may want to run targeted Facebook ads and run a direct mail campaign showcasing the unique property.

  • Easy To Set Up & Affordable

Setting up a single property page is extremely easy when you are working on the Authorized platform. There’s no coding or design work needed. Simply upload the property photos and property description and boom. You can literally get your business Authorized to build a free property page in just minutes.

The Authorized team can even assist you with setting up your own custom domain. If you don’t even know what a custom domain is, we can happily fill you in. Simply schedule a call or drop us a chat and we can get your property page setup so you can start promoting.

  • Successfully & Easily Share Your Property Website

Sharing a single property page is a lot easier than sharing a full website thats not intuitive. Gone are the days when you send a potential homeowner to your IDX search to get lost. All you have to do is share the link we generate for you (if you choose not to have a custom domain) on social posts, text, email, etc.

Pro Tip: You can also put that link on print marketing, open house signs, newsletters you name it. We recommend getting the property address for the custom domain, so sharing the URL is as easy as sharing the property address.

Eaxmple -

  • Exclusive Showing With Non Of The Competition

Platforms like Zillow and Redfin are great for homeowners to find property listings. However, when you funnel your prospects to these platforms, they often times get distracted. Now days people have a very limited attention span before they are browsing other properties and possibly even other agents.

Setting up a free Authorized Individual Property Page correctly you can add as many pictures, videos, guides, and descriptions you want. Using these third service providers you are limited to their evergreen clunky layouts and rules. The Authorized system lets you take control of your marketing and leverage the powerful design thats proven to get you more exposure.

The Authorized platform was designed with you in mind. So you don’t have to fight with your competitors stealing a opportunities when you properly leverage your individual property page to maximize your advertising.

  • Be The Authority - Present Properties Like A Pro During Presentations

Showcasing an Authorized individual property page during a listing presentation can be powerful for closing clients.

Pro Tip: Authorized Agents have more success closing listing appointments when they show homeowners how they sell properties using the Authorized platform and processes. Our system was designed to keep things simple, everything is centralized and systemized once your business is Authorized.

  • Be Safe - Don’t Let The Pandemic Stop Business - Covid Safe Alternative

The pandemic made showings a hassle as we figured out how to keep everyone safe and setup new systems. Marketing real estate online has never been more popular. Investors and homeowners are getting much more comfortable with online showings and virtually viewing real estate.

Pro Tip: Check out our knowledge base for information on how you can create a 3D virtual property tour from your mobile phone.

The Drawbacks to Single Property Websites

Single-property websites are great for growing your business, but come with their own set of problems. In order to promote it effectively, you’ll need to invest a lot more time and spend more resources on achieving the same level of traffic that other types of websites have by default.

If you buy a new domain exclusively for your individual property page, it won’t be able to rank organically from the start. Additionally, an individual property page is generally only promoted to buyers. The domain and marketing efforts will benefit the overall exposure of the property, you just have to be aware the custom URL is no longer necessary to hold onto.

Pro Tip: If you are thinking about buying a custom domain, contact us first.

How do you Find the Right One?

Think no further if you are thinking of getting a single-property website built for your listing. Authorized lets you setup an individual property page for free. Start sharing your listing in minutes. If you want to learn some other creative ways to market a property on your individual property page check out this article.

AND.....if you want to demo of the Authorized arsenal of real estate marketing tools, including our individual property website, analytics, website builder, and much more just schedule a discovery call.

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