Tech Tips for Savvy Seniors

Greenwald Gerke


February 3, 2021

Contributed Article by Claire Wentz 

Wonderful advances in technology have made it possible to stay safe, see one another, connect and communicate across the miles. This can be especially beneficial for older individuals who may have disabilities and concerns around health and travel safety, yet still desire to maintain personal and social relationships. Greenwald & Gerke Realty Team wants you to know that through a little bit of research and a few online tutorials, different technology connection platforms can help savvy seniors stay on top of their health and keep in virtual touch from anywhere. 

Fighting The Feeling of Isolation

According to the AARP, when you live alone or are far away from family and friends, life can sometimes feel a bit isolating. While it's great to exchange correspondence and talk on the phone, there's nothing quite like seeing those you care about face-to-face in real-time. This type of connectivity allows grandparents the chance to see grandchildren in their home environments, whether they're actively chatting or simply watching them at play as they might during an in-person visit. Maintaining these types of personal and social ties can help reduce the feeling of isolation, as well as help with combating anxiety and depression.

Embracing The Technology

According to Forbes, there are a wide variety of programs, applications and devices that can create a sense of being together with loved ones, friends and family, regardless of where they’re located. If you're just beginning to venture into the world of online virtual connecting technology, consider a straight-forward program like Zoom, which allows individuals or multiple people to come together in the same virtual space. Zoom offers simple tutorials, as well as features like screen sharing, which can be fun for sharing pictures or videos with those you’re communicating with, playing games or even doing a virtual craft project.  

If you’re helping a senior embrace new technology, offer advice in everyday language and avoid technical jargon. Invite questions, and teach by showing, then inviting them to repeat the same steps to reinforce the knowledge.  

Make The Most of Virtual Visits

Virtual connection technology isn’t just about talking to one another “face-to-face.” It also offers a whole new platform for gathering, sharing and communicating. You may opt to have a virtual snack with a good friend, read a bedtime story to a grandchild, or even just be virtually present in a remote family’s kitchen as they go about preparing their evening meal. If you’re accessing a program from a hand-held device like a phone or tablet, you can even connect while on the move. For example, using a program like FaceTime on your smartphone, you can give a loved one on the other side of the globe a virtual walking tour of your home or garden.

Keeping Safety in Mind

One of the greatest benefits of technology is that you can use it for health and safety purposes. There's a wide variety of tracking and monitoring devices on the market that can help seniors stay on top of their health and assist them should an emergency arise. For example, a fitness tracker monitors your daily activities and keeps track of health stats, such as blood oxygen levels and heart rate. For seniors with dementia or another condition that can cause frequent incidents of getting lost, a location tracking device pinpoints the location of the wearer via GPS or cellular technology. Another useful device is a medical alert system, which can automatically detect falls and connect seniors with emergency response systems.

Choosing The Best Tech

In addition to the above tracking devices, computers and tablets are also beneficial for seniors. Technology is continually changing and evolving, particularly when it comes to the quality of audio and video properties. If your existing laptop, tablet or desktop is a bit outdated and not functioning at capacity, consider investing in a new device that will give you the best sound and picture possible and prevent lagging and other issues that tend to arise with older devices.

Advancements in technology have created innovative new ways for people to stay safe and connected, to see each other and create a sense that lives are interconnected, even when distance separates. Investing in quality equipment can help ensure these all-important benefits come through loud and clear. 

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