‘Tis the Season to Give Your Folks a Happy Holiday

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November 1, 2022

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When you were a kid, your parents pulled out all the stops (and emptied their wallets) to ensure you had a memorable holiday. Now that they are aging, it’s time to turn the holiday tables and help Mom and Dad enjoy a warm Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah or celebratory Kwanzaa.


Elderly Depression

For many seniors, especially those who are not geographically or emotionally close to family, the holidays can be depressing. If a senior’s spouse or close friends have passed away, seasonal celebrations can be a sad reminder of their loneliness.

Lack of social interaction and difficulty getting around may limit a person’s ability to join holiday occasions, deepening their feelings of isolation and depression. What can you do? A lot!

Share the Joy

You can brighten your elderly parents’ holiday blues even if you are far away by scheduling regular phone calls and family Zooms. If you live nearby, arrange visits and involve them in holiday activities.

·       Help them decorate their home or senior living unit. Invite them over to help decorate yours.

·       Offer to take your parent(s) shopping for gifts and help them write holiday cards.

·       Include them in your family’s holiday traditions, whether it’s baking cookies, decorating the tree or watching classic movies. Ask them to recall their favorite traditions and remind them of how special those times were for you growing up.

·       Be attentive to their needs and emotions. If your elderly parent balks at attending a noisy, crowded family gathering, seek options such as scheduling a quiet celebration with friends.

·       Invite, encourage but do not pressure your elders. Remember: the intent is to help them feel a part of the holidays instead of apart from them.

·       Most of all, enjoy being together as a family as you continue making precious memories!

Greenwald Realty Team provides comprehensive real estate services and senior resources. Call 844-782-9674 for a complimentary initial consultation. We’re here to help you make every day a holiday!

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