What Luxury Buyers are Looking For?

Mary Carlson


April 9, 2020

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Each year brings unexpected twists and turns in many real estate markets across the country, including new trends in what luxury buyers are looking for in their new home. 

Owning a luxury homes means enjoying the finer things in life. Today's luxury buyer is not necessarily looking for the MCMANSION anymore, they are looking for new technology combined with upgraded features and amenities. 

Here are five amenities luxury homes buyer will want in 2020. 

Custom Features - Let's face it, everyone wants something unique in their home. Many builders are now incorporating reclaimed brick and wood to offer unique flooring, beams or brick features throughout high-end property. 

These builders are looking for ways to separate their owners home from the rest. Whether that means importing stone or marble from Europe, incorporating reclaimed materials or creating spectacular ceilings and walls, owners want elements they can share with others. 

Home Automation - Buyers today are looking for the same tech they have in their cars or phone. They expect the best when it comes to technology and this extends to the home. The ability to control everything from the lighting to temperature and handle the security for the home 24/7 is fast becoming non-negotiable. 

Breath Taking Kitchens - The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home and this couldn’t be more relevant than in the luxury market. High end home buyers are looking for exquisite cabinetry, chef-grade commercial appliances and striking design. 

As I mentioned earlier, technology is king, and a kitchen without technology might as well be another room. Today's luxury homeowners are incorporating fridges that notify you when you need to buy groceries, and coffee machines that can be programmed to have an owner's coffee fix ready when they are.

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